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for my history quiz

What was justinian famous for He was famous for the justinan code and rebuilding the hagia sophia
who founded constantinople constantine
456? The fall of rome
What did basil the third do to prisoners he took 99 men and cut out their eyes but left the one hundreth man with 1 eye and that person had to guide the 99 blind men home
who was the last emperor Constantine the 11th
What are the dark ages When no art or discoveries were being made in the world
What was the great schisim When the roman catholic and greek orthodox churches separated
Why did the churches separate icons
What did leo want to do he apointed emperor arthemius which impacted the empire greately
What did the people call justinian gods co-ruler
1456 The fall of the byzantine empire
How did the empirer fall The empire was captured by the ottoman turks and renamed istanbul
Created by: quizy4