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the harrappancivilization-arayncivilization.lingo.castesys/19

harappan civilization harappan civilization was very advanced. most houses and bathrooms with indoor plumbing. -Artisans made excellent pottery, jewerly,ivory,cotton clothing.high quality tools. -writing system -ended 1700s BC noone sure why -natural disasters
Aryan Civilization historians think from central asia skilled warriors vedas_ poems,hymns,myths,rituals.Aryan priests nomads Sanskirt
caste system brahmins-india's priests seen as the highest varna Kshatriyas-rulers and warriors Vaisyas-farmers,craftspeople,traders sudras-workers and servants --UNTOUCHABLES not on it
Jainism based on the teachings of a man named Mahavira Born into Kshatriyas varna around 599BC Mahavira -monk believed in nonviolence
maurya empire and gupta mauryan empire 1. Chandragupta maurya-converted jainism 2. maurya's son 3. Asoka-embraced buddhism GUpta --- rulers embraced hinduism chandragupta II --both great ruler and spread the empires throughout india
india's achievements religious art temples (remember the hollywood one) painting and sculptures sanskirt- Mahabharta ramayana most famous bhagavad Gita
Siddartha Gautama the founder of Buddhism - he was a prince who was hidden from the outside world he was the buddha "enlightened one"
hinduism the largest religion in india
HIndu Beliefs they believe in many deities - Brahma the creator - Shiva the destroyer -Vishnu the preserver
diwali a festival of lights the lights represent innner light
gandhi was a great spritual leader believed in nonviolence
basic beliefs reicarnation
buddhism a religion based on the teachings of the buddha.
BB fastings meditation four noble truths- NIrvana the state of perfect peace
nirvana state of perfect peace
buddhism spreads missionaries spread the word about buddhism
missionaries asoka sent missionaries or people who spread thier religios beliefs
two branches of BUDDHISM Theravada and mahayana(biggest one)
theravada and mahayana theravada- follow exact teachings of the buddha -Mahayana- belived that other people could interpret the buddha's teachings.
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