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chapter 6 notes

unit 1 chapter 6 notes

intro this chapter will be about the Akkadian empire,babylonian empire,assyrian empire, and neo-babylonian empire
the akkadian empire sargon was the king who led the akkadian empire.
life under akkadian rule the akkadians were well known for their art like their three dimensional sculptures
capital a city that is the center of government
tribute wealth sent from one country or ruler to another as a sign that the other is superior
hammurabi and the babylonian empire hammurabi was the king of the babylonian empire.
life in the babylonian empire hammurabi made sure that life in the babylonian had plenty of food and remained fertile
the assyrians empire the assyrians empire were the next who ruled masopotamia
siege a military blockade and attackon a city to forceit to surrender
life under the assyrians the assyrians believed that the king was a special person so they built him a palace
aqueducts a pipe or channel that brings water from distant places
bas-relief a sculpture in which the image projects out from a flat surface
the neo-babylonian empire nebuchadrezzer II was the king of the neo-babylonian empire
life in the neo-babylonian empire mathmatics and astronomy were the things that the neo-babylonian empire were skilled at
astronomy the study of stars and planets
chapter summery this chapter was about four empires
Created by: alikat