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Allegiant Test

Allegiant Air Welcome Test Questions

An FAA operated facility established to provide traffic cotrol services to aircraft on IFR (Istrument Flight Rules) flight plans within controlle airspace and principally during the enroute phase of a flight ATC
The government agency that governs economic concerns of the transpotation industry D.O.T
The government agency which regulated airlines and/or aircraft safety and emergency procedures. FAA
Refers to aircraft and/or flight crews who remain overnight at a city other than their domicile. RON
The area of an airport where identification must be displayed at all times. SIDA
This department is charged with the responsibility of dispatching flights, determining the suitability of operational facilities and the safe operation of each flight. Also known as dispatch. SOC
A federal agency empowered to oversee security at all airports TSA
Rules that govern airline safety and regulate air travel FAR
Damage caused by debris striking an aircraft or being ngested by an engine. Can also refer to the actual damage. FOD
The time that an aircraft/flight is estimaed to arrive at a specific station. ETA
The time that an aircraft/flight is estimated to depart at a specific station. ETD
A child who has not yet reached their 2nd birthday, who is not included in the count of total customers on board the aircraft. LC
Two letter code that refers to Live Animal/Pet in Cabin LA
Two letter code to describe a device that is used to transport immobile customers on or off an aircraft. AC
Includes Runways, Taxiways, Ramp and parking spots where aircraft operate. AOA
What time zone is RAPin? Mountain
If its 1300 local time in LAX what time is it in PIE 1600
Created by: sweet2blea
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