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_Ancient India

Ancient India flashcards_for the test :)

What is the oldest religion in the world and also a largest religion in India? Hinduism
What is the system that divided Indian society in to groups? Caste System
What is the process of rebirth called? Reincarnation
What are the effects that good or bad actions have on person's soul called? Karma
What is a word for one's duty in life? Dharma
What is the Sanskirt word for nonviolence? Ahimsa
What is the cycle of death and rebirth called? Samsara
What does lamp symbolize in Diwali? Knowledge
What is a word for "soul" in Hinduism? Atman
What is the name of famous festival that is celebrated by four religions in India? Diwali
How many people are following Hinduism today? About 900 million people
What is a temporary ink that you put on your body? Henna
What is the name of highest mountains in the world, which is located on the Northern part of India? The Himalayas
What is a new moon? When the moon is not reflected from sun
What is the sound that is heard in the deepest meditation? Om
What four kinds of suffering people did Siddhartha saw? Old man, Sick man, Holy mand. Dead person
Why did Siddhartha left fome at age of 30? To find out meaning of life
What are some of the ideas that Siddhartha rejected from Hinduism? Caste system, sacrificing(No living thing should be killed)
What are The Three Universal Truths and their meanings? Anitya-nothing lasts forever, Duhka-suffering, Anatma-no soul
What is it called when there is no suffering, gree or anger, in a state of perfect peace, and ger freddom from Samsara? Nirvana
What is goal for Buddhists? Reaching nirvana
What 3 groups are the Eightfold Path divided by? Wisdom, Behaviour, Mind
What does "Namaste" mean? "There is god in you"
Who is the founder of Gupta Emperor? Chandragupta I
Who is the founder of Mauryan Emperor? Chandragupta Maurya
What is Baghrad Gita? It's a sacred text of HInduism that tells stories and HIndu Beliefs.
In Gupta period, what drawings were carved of the temples and towers? Gods
Indians invented ____in Math. Without ____, modern math wouldn't be possible. Zero
Name four Indian achievements. Astronomy, Hindu-Arabic numerals, inoculation and metallurgy
Why is Hindu-Arabic numeral called that way? Because it was invented by Indians and Arabs spreaded it to Europe
Name four varnas in the Caste System. Sudra < Vaisyas < Kshatriyas < Brahmins
What do you call a large landmass that is smaller than a continent? Subcontinent
What is the name of path that Buddha founded and believed that it was the middle way? The Eightfold Path
What are two branches of splited Buddhism and what do they each believe? Theravada-follow Buddha's exact teachings Mahayana-Other people could help you to reach Nirvana
Where does water for Ganges River come from? The Himalayas
What is a monsoon? Seasonal wind patterns that cause wer and dry seasons
Asoka declared no war and helped citizens when he became a ______. Buddhist
Name three major deities of Hinduism. Brahma-creator, Siva-destroyer, Vishnu-preserver
What is the most important language of Ancient India? Sanskirt
Asoka sent Buddhist _____ to other kingdoms in Asia. Missionaries
Created by: laurenpark
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