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SS6 - Vocabulary

Review of some words learned over the course of the year! :-)

scribe a person whose profession was writing down or copying letters, contracts and other documents
dictator a ruler who has absolute power and authority
values the beliefs or ideals that guide the way people live
specialize to be trained to do a particular kind of work
barter trade of one kind of product for another without the use of money
key a list of map symbols with an explanation of what each symbol stands for
longitude the distance east or west of the Prime Meridian expressed in degrees
society a group of people bound together by the same culture
prehistory the period before events were recorded in writing; the Old and New Stone Ages
temperate climate characterized by a lack of extremes in temperature
senate the lawmaking body of ancient Rome
famine a widespread lack of food resulting in hunger and starvation
custom a social habit or way of living in a group
silt bits of black soil, sand and clay laid down by flowing water
history the record of what has happened in the past
geography the study of the Earth and everything on it
tributary a small river or stream that flows into a large river
atlas the resource you would use to look for political boundaries of a country
technology the use of tools and skills that serve human needs
monotheism the belief in one god
dynasty a line of rulers who belong to the same family and pass control from one generation to the next
arable land fit for cultivation and the growth of crops, resulting in a surplus
altitude elevation
climate pattern of weather that an area has had over a long period of time
arid receiving little rainfall; dry
almanac a resource used to find out the facts of a country
environment the surroundings of a place
pilgrimage a journey taken for religious purposes
secondary source a textbook
culture the ways that groups of people live, think, believe and feel
architecture the science of building
surplus an extra supply of something
drought a long period of dry weather
domesticate to tame animals in order to make them useful to people
polytheism the belief in more than one god
government the established form of ruling a place
archaeology the study of the remains of past cultures
religion the way people worship the god(s) in whom they believe
assembly the basic lawmaking body in a democracy, made up of a group of citizens
legacy the traditions and knowledge of a culture that have been passed down to people today
latitude the distance north or south of the Equator, expressed in degrees
polar the climate of the earth's polar regions
tyranny a type of government in which all power is held in the hands of one ruler, usually a military leader
symbol anything that stands for something else, such as a blue line that stands for a highway on a map
secondary source a written record of the past, such as a book by a historian, based on information from a primary source
republic a government in which the citizens have the right to choose their leaders
hemisphere one of the halves of the earth
scale relative size as shown on a map, such as 1 inch = 100 miles
myth a story about the gods and goddesses of a particular people
Created by: mspetter