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Social Studies

Hinduism and Buddhism

Indian scholars wrote down their knowledge in textbooks
Chandragupta Maurya founded the Mauryan empire and gave up the throne to become a janist monk
Ahimsa nonviolence
Ghandi made the term "untouchables" illegal
How did the Hindu temples change overtime? They became more complex with huge towers
A long passage about Hindu beliefs mahabharata
the study of the stars and planets which influenced Hindu religion, beliefs, and daily lives astronomy
The Indians were advanced in their medical practices ___________ injecting a person with a small does of a virus to help build up defense against a disease inoculation
Indians invented the concept of ______ which was important in mathematics because it is a placeholder when using numerals zero
how are alloys connected to metallurgy creating alloys is a skill within metallurgy
What were some of the operations that Indian surgeons could preform fixing broken bones, removing tonsils, constucting broken noses, and reattaching torn ear lobes
What is the Bhagvad Gita? A long and sacred passage about Hindu beliefs. The most famous of all the Hindu sacred texts and themost widely read. 700 verses divided into 18 chapters, the story of Krishna
Krishna the god giving advice to arjuna is the basis for the story
The cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth is called samsara
dharma a role or duty in one's life
The highest mountains in the world Himalayas
In which language did the Aryans write their poems and hymns? sanskrit
Hindus believe that all of their gods are part of the universal spirit called Brahman
according to Hinduism, people are reborn into their new physical bodies and they are born into is based on ones accumulated karma
why did Siddhartha leave home at age 30? to find the meaning of life and how to end suffering
finding the meaning of life enlightenment
In buddhism, the end of samsara is called nirvana
the guiding principles in buddhism the four noble truths
who was the first Gupta emperor Chandra Gupta I
The northern central part of India, known for its rich soil and farmable plains Indo-Gangetic Plain
The Deccan Plateau is mostly tropical and is in the south of India and is most of india
the source of the Ganges River is Himalayas
The five countries that border India are Pakistan, CHina, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh
The Deccan Plateau is between the western and eastern Ghats
Hindu temples in the Gupta period had carvings of the _____ on the outside gods
the art from the Mauryan and Gupta periods were most Influenced by religion
the eightfold path can be classified into three groups wisdom, behavior, mind
when siddhartha was born he had symbols on his hands wheels
hinduism had over ____ million followers 900
being in control and aware of your thoughts annd how you are thinking about teaching others self-awareness
What caused many people from lower social classes to support Buddha's teachings? Buddha did not support the caste system and believed all people were able to find enlightenment
Theravada Buddhism older division, follow Buddha's teachings EXACTLY as he had stated the. One must become a monk in order to reach elightenment, Sri Lanka and southeast Asia
Mahayana Buddhism other people's teachings could be blended with Buddha's teachings for Buddhist living. People that reach enlightenment should stay in the world to teach others. Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Japanese Buddhism
Buddhism spreads quickly for many reasons. Among them Buddhism is simple to understand and is accessible to all people
Siddhartha Gautama was born around 563 BC
Order of events Buddhism Asoka Mauryan emperor, empire reaches its greatest size, he had wells dug and roads built throughout the empire, Asoka becomes a Buddhist, Asoka sends missionaries to other parts of Asia
The famous march that urged Indians to make their own salt and ended with the marchers being badly beaten by the British milatary salt march
The Buddha did not accept caste system
Hinduism is a religion that is based on personal connection with a higher being
gods Brahma- the creator Vishnu- the preserver Shiva- the destroyer
matra chanted in puja a prayer
puja worship
namaste sign of gratitude and respect among spiritual
diwali light overcoming darkness; five days
henna temporary ink
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