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ar history ch3

an official count of the population census
a point where two or more streams come together confluence
to cause damage or destroy havoc
the body's ability to fight off infection, virus, or disease immunity
an economic theory created to increase the wealth and power of a country through tight government controls mercantilism
an English explorer sent to the New World to find a shorter route to Asia John Cabot
explorers sent to find riches for Spain; "one who conquers" conquistador
spanish explorer who first returned telling stories of great gold mines and wealth of the New World Christopher Columbus
claimed to be "son of the sun" to natives of Arkansas Hernando De Soto
in 1514, he and his men crossed the Mississippi River into Arkansas to find great riches Hernando De Soto
how would immunities have prevented so many natives from dying their bodies could have fought off diseases brought over by the European explorers
a Catholic priest from France Jacques Marquette
a fur trapper from France sent to North America to explore the interior of the continent and establish strong relations with the native peoples Louis Joliet
a decorated or carved wooden stick with a pipe on the end that symbolized friendship and peace calumet
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