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admonition cautionary advice or warning
amble to walk slowly or leisurely; stroll
bondage the state of one who is bound in slavery
chargrin a keen feeling of mental unease, as of annoyance or embarrassment, caused by failure, disappointment, or a disconcerting event
cloying causing distaste or disgust
countenance to give approval to
demurely modestly; shyly
docile yielding to supervision or management; obedient
exult to rejoice greatly
fetid having an offensive odor
impudent characterized by offensive boldness; insolent or impertinent.
insurrection rebellion
patronizing condescending; dealing with in a superior manner.
peevish ill tempered
petulant unreasonably irritable; peevish
pious professing or exhibiting a strict, traditional sense of virtue and morality; high-minded
proscribed prohibited; forbidden
redress satisfaction for wrong or injury; reparation
servile of or relating to servitude or forced labor
taciturn habitually untalkative; silent
tribulation great affliction, trial, or distress; suffering
wizened withered
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