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Cody's 7th gr. SS

Chapter 3 Section 1 Quiz

Who was the Greek historian that recorded an early description of the Nile? Herodotus
What is the world's longest river? Nile River
Which direction does the Nile River flow? North
Where does the Nile river empty out? Mediterranean Sea
What are the two sources of the Nile River? The Blue Nile and the White Nile
Where do the Blue Nile and White Nile meet? Khartoum (present day - Sudan)
What do you call the marshy (swampy) region of the Nile near the Mediterranean Sea? Lower Egypt
When did communities appear in the Nile delta region of Lower Egypt? About 6000 BC
What did the ancient Egyptians call their land, another name for the Black land because of the dark soil left by the floods of the Nile? Kemet
What is silt? Rich, fertile soil deposited by the Nile waters when the river overflowed its banks.
What do you call the rock-filled rapids in the Nubian section of the Nile? Cateracts
What is the triangle-shaped area of rich farmland that is located in Lower Egypt Delta
What do you call the ancient region of the Nile that is found just north of where the Blue and White Niles meet? Nubia
How many cateracts are there on the Nile River? Six
What happens to the Nile River at Cairo, Egypt? The Nile breaks up into smaller rivers forming the fertile delta of Lower Egypt.
How often does the Nile River flood? Yearly
How many lakes provide water for the Nile? four
Name the lakes that source the Nile River? Lake Victoria, Lake Edward, Lake Albert, and Lake Tana
What was the nickname that Herodotus give to Egypt? The Gift of the Nile
The overflow of the river each year led to the creation of what? the 12 month calendar.
What type of ruler ruled Egypt? Pharoh or king
What natural structures created protection for Egypt civilization? Mountains, rivers and deserts
Who was the God of the Nile? Hapi
What did the Egyptians call the Red Land? the deserts
How did Egypt differ from Mesopotamia? The Egyptians did not have to worry about Flash Flooding and the deserts surrounding Egypt provided protection from foreign attacks.
What kind of communities formed along the Nile? Hunting and fishing communities came first, then farming communities beganin the delta regions.
Why couldn't people travel easily through Nubia by river? the cateracts.
What kind of trade goods passed through Nubia on their way to Egypt? ebony wood, ivory, ostrich feathers and eggs, panther skins.
Created by: cunninev
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