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Revolution and Beyon

A New Nation/Revolution

He warned Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him. Jack Jouette
The first land battle of the Revolution was the Battle of ___________ ________________ . Great Bridge
What victory of the Continental Army lead to the end of the war? Yorktown
Father of the Constitution James Madison
Author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Where was George Washington born? Virginia
The name of Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello
Madison kept very detailed notes during the ____________ Convention. Constitutional
Father of our Country George Washington
Washington lead the ________________ Army. Continental
The Colonial _______________________ worked for the King. He made sure that the King's wishes were carried out in the colonies. Governor
The supreme law of the USA Constitution
"Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry
What is missing? "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of _____________ " happiness
Before 1776, the states were __________________ owned by England. colonies
This document declared to the world that we were free and independent of England. Declaration of Independence
He was King of England during the American Revolution. King George
The month that the Declaration of Independence was signed July
You were called one of these if you wanted freedom from England and you were willing to fight for it. Patriot
You were called one of these if you were devoted to the King. Loyalist
British soldiers wore red uniforms. Sometimes, the colonists called them _________________. lobsterbacks
The legislative branch of the government makes these... laws
The Bill of Rights was added to the ____________ . constitution
Thomas Jefferson wrote the document to guarantee that Virginians were free to worship as they please.It is called the ____________ of Religious Freedom. Statute
How many states had to ratify the constitution before it became a law? nine
Lewis and Clark explored the uncharted land that was acquired from the _________ . French
What is the name of the doctrine that states that European countries should not try to interfere with the Western Hemisphere? Monroe
This Battle was a turning point in the American Revolution. The second battle was a decisive American victory. Saratoga
Colonial ________ were appointed by the King of England and were representatives of the king in the colony. governors
England taxed the colonies due to the high cost of the French and ______ war. Indian
Who called for independence by way of writing sin his pamphlet "Common Sense"? Thomas Paine
She wrote poems and plays supporting American Independence. Phillis Wheatley
Sam Adams and Paul Revere were important figures in this uprising in Boston. Boston Tea Party
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