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Constitution/Bill of

Constitution/ Bill of Rights Test

What is the main job of the legislative branch? make laws
Why has the Constitution has survived for more than 200 years? because it combines a strong framework for the government with flexibility.
A bill cannot become a law until it is __________? approved by Congress and signed by the president.
The most important take of the executive branch is to enforce and carry out federal law.
The framers designed a system of checks and balances to ________? keep any one branch of government from becoming too powerful.
The judicial branch is responsible for____________? resolving disputed under the law.
The "elastic cause" gives Congress the power to _____________? amend the Constitution as times change.
The Supreme Court's power to declare a law of unconstitutional is known as __________? judicial review
The person most responsible for the U.S. having a bill of rights is? George Mason
The Bill of Rights is part of the __________? Constitution
The job of protecting the rights listed in the Bill of Rights belongs mainly to____________? The federal courts
The First Amendment protects the rights of _______________? speech, worship, assembly
The Fourth Amendment protects people and their property from? unreasonable searches
The Second Amendment protects the right of citizens to own? guns
The "Miranda Warning" reminds people who are arrested for a crime that they have the right to_________? remain silent and not answer questions
The Ninth Amendment says that rights not listed in the Constitution belong to the people.
The Eighth Amendment bans? cruel and unusual punishments.
The Sixth Amendment gives a person the right to ___________? jury trial.
The Third Amendment says a person cannot be forced to ____________? quarter soldiers at home.
Created by: crmsknightsSS