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Social Studies

Causes of the American Revolution

Two reasons why England needed to raise revenue after the French and Indian War. (1) To pay the debt from the war. (2) To pay to keep the Army in America.
What is the name of England's legislature. Parliament
Legislature makes laws
England's Prime Minister at the end of the French and Indian war? George Grenville
First Act to raise money in the Colonies? The Sugar Act
How did the British punish smugglers? Took away their goods and ships.
Reason why Sam Adams and James Otis believed Parliament did not have the fight to tax the colonists. Taxation without representation
Organized by Sam Adams to inform the colonists about British laws. Committees of Correspondence
Popular method of protest against the British Boycott
Boycott Definition Not to purchase certain goods for reasons of protest.
Stamp Act Passed by Parliament in 1765. It was a tax on legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, etc.
The first direct tax on the colonists. Stamp Act
Radical protest group formed to oppose British policies and taxes. Sons of Liberty
Patriot who said, "If this be treason, make the most of it." Patrick Henry
Method the colonists used to get the British to repeal the Stamp Act. Boycott
Duty Tax on imported goods
Townsend Act Series of laws that placed a tax on lead, paint, paper, glass and tea.
Writs of Assistance Laws that let British Soldiers search for smuggled goods.
How did the Colonists protest the Townsend Act? Boycotting British goods.
Mob violence that occurred on March 5th 1770, when British Soldiers shot and killed 5 colonists that were throwing snowballs and shouting insults. Boston Massacre
The leader of the mob at the Boston Massacre Crispus Attucks
martyr To die for a cause
First black martyr and hero of the American Revolution. Crispus Atucks
Defended the British Soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre John Adams, Josiah Quincy
Part of the Townsend Act not repealed. tax on tea
This act gave a British Tea Company a monopoly on the tea trade in the colonies. The Tea Act
Company given a monopoly on the tea trade in the colonies. British East India Company
Monopoly gain complete control of a trade or market
Why did colonists dislike the Tea Act They thought they would go out of business.
Organized event to protest the Tea Act Boston Tea Party
True or False: The Tea Act made the price of tea in the colonies more expensive? True
Define: Quartering Act This forced colonists to house British Soldiers in their homes.
How did the colonists protest the Intolerable Acts Boycott British Goods
What 'Acts' did the Parliament pass in 1774 to punish Massachusetts for the Tea Party? Intolerable Acts
List the four things the Intolerable Acts did. 1. Close Boston Harbor 2. Cancel the Massachusetts Charter and legislative meetings 3. Moved trials of British Officials to Briton. 4. Made Colonists house British Soldiers (Quartering Act)
Why did imports from England dramactically decline in 1774? Because of the Intolerable Acts.
What marked the birth of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence
Why were so many colonists angry with the British governent? They thought the Parliament violated their rights.
What famous group met at Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia in 1774 to discuss the ongoing problems that existed between England and the Colonies? The Continental Congress
What 2 important decisions were made by the Continental Congress? 1. Boycott British Goods 2. Be prepared to fight.
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