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Servidio SS Chap 8

Servidio Review for Chapter 8 MC/CR Test

Inauguration To take the official oath of office
Unopposed No one ran against you
Precedent A tradition for others to follow
Cabinet A group of advisors for the President
National debt The total amount a country owes
Tariff A tax on foreign goods
Foreign policy A policy or laws created for the United States and other countries
Domestic policy A policy or law created inside the United States
Loose interpretation of the Constitution The Constitution can be read in the gray
Strict interpretation of the Constitution The Constitution must be read word for word
Favored Agreed with
Opposed Does not agree with
Pro In favor of
Con Not in favor of
Manufacturing Industry
Agriculture Farming
Nationalism Pride in your whole county
Sectionalism Pride in your state or region
George Washington First President of the United States
John Adams Second President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson Third President of the United States
Benjamin Franklin Helped Washington with his first Presidency
Alexander Hamilton Created the economic policies for the United States, like Whiskey Tax
Neutrality Proclamation United States would not interfere or support Britain or France’s wars with each other
Jay’s Treaty The United States and Britain created a policy so both sides benefited
Farewell Address The President provides advice for the country and future Presidents as they leave office
Alien Act The United States can expel any immigrant that is deemed harmful to the United States and increase the immigrants years to become a citizen from 5 years to 14 years
Sedition Act The government can place a person in jail or fine them if they say anything against the government
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions Tried to give more power to the state governments
Shays’ Rebellion Proved that Articles of Confederation were weak
Whiskey Rebellion Proved that the Constitution was strong
Northern view of the tariff Favored it
Southern view of the tariff Opposed it
Led by Alexander Hamilton Federalist Party
Led by Thomas Jefferson Democrat- Republican Party
The political party that believed in a strong national government Federalist Party
The political party that was Pro-British Federalist Party
The political party that was Pro-French Democrat -Republican Party
The political party that favored the tariff Federalist Party
The political party that opposed the tariff Democrat - Republican Party
The political party that focused more on agriculture Democrat -Republican Party
The political party that focused more on manufacturing Federalist Party
Judiciary Act Created a system of courts
Nullify To cancel
Immigrant A person who enters another country in order to settle there
Sedition Stirring up rebellion against a government
Election of 1796 The President and Vice President were from different political parties
Unconstitutional Not permitted by the Constitution
Factions Opposing groups
Created by: Suzanne Servidio
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