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chapter 22 6th grade Causey

Vocabulary worddefinition
isolationism a national policy of avoiding involvement in world affairs
expansionism a policy that calls for expanding a nation's boundaries
imperialism the actions used by one nation to exercise political or economic control over smaller or weaker nations
annexation bringing an area under the control of a larger country
spheres of influence section of a country where one foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers
Open Door Policy a policy that allowed each foreign nation in China to trade freely in the other nations's spheres of influence
Yellow Journalism writing which exaggerates sensational, dramatic, and gruesome events to attract readers, named for stories that were popular during the late 1800s; a type of sensational, biased, and often false reporting
armistice a temporary peace agreement to end fighting
protectorate a country that is technically independent, but is actually under the control of another country
isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas
anarchy disorder and lawlessness
dollar diplomacy a policy of joining the business interests of a country with its diplomatic interest abroad
Treaty of Kanagawa began American involvement in Asia
Imperialism This was driven by the search for materials and markets
Seward pictured a canal across Central America connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
$7.2 million How much did Seward pay Russia to buy Alaska in a treaty he signed in 1867
Seward's Folly the purchase of Alaska
Josiah Strong He proposed an imperialsim of righteousness
Alfred Mahan He called for an elargement of the Navy
James G. Blaine He was responsible for establishing the Pan-American Union
Created by: momwilliam