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China/India test

china and india history test

Asia is the worlds _________ continent. largest.
Where does Asia stretch from? Asia stretches from the Caucasus Mountains in the west to China, Japan and the Philippine Islands in the east
What makes up the heart of Asia? The Himalaya
What 29,035 feet tall peak is located in the Himalaya? Mount Everest
What does Himalaya mean abode of snow
Where do many of Asia's most powerful rivers begin? Tibetan Plateau
Name an example of a archipelago in Asia Japan, Philippines
What is a archipelago? an island chain
The Himilaya and neighboring mountain ranges form a _______-mile wall that divides India and Nepal from Tibet and China 1,500
How are of Himalaya affecting the climate of much of Asia? They block clouds that blow north from the Indian Ocean. This causes heavy rainfall on the ocean-facing sides of the mountains and small amounts on their northern sides. Even less rain falls then the Gobi Desert.
What are monsoons? seasonal winds
how do monsoons effect the climate of Asia? Monsoons can be good or bad. During the summer monsoons help farmers water their crops. However, if there is too much rain too soon, it leads to flooding, lost of life and poverty.
In 1887 monsoons killed about a __________ people million
India was Britain's _________ colony. richest
What did Indian dislike about British rule. The British merchants controlled the Indian economy and the colonial service controlled the law, and government. Indians wanted more parts in the government The British also saw the Indians as inferior.
The Indian National Congress met in ________ Bombay
How did Indian show its desire for independence? In 1885, the first Indian National Congress met in Bombay. Indians also boycotted British goods.
What is a boycott an organized protest in which people refuse to buy or use something
Indian's began wearing homemade cloth as a sign of national _______. pride
What goal did Gandhi seek? How did he use nonviolence to achieve his mission? Gandhi wanted to end British rule in India, peace between Indians and Hindus, end of discrimination against india's untouchables. Gandhi also wanted to end the caste system. He led the Salt March to achieve his mission and also used civil disobedience.
Where did Gandhi get his clothing from Gandhi wore only cloth he wove himself
A non-violent protest against a government civil disobedience
Name 3 examples of civil disobedience examples: boycott, sit-ins, peaceful marches, writing letters, petition drive, refuse to follow law.
True or False Indians could make salt all they wanted False could not make salt.
Were did Indians buy salt from British approved merchants and pay a tax that supported the British colonial government.
Who long was the Salt March? 240 miles
What happened to the people in the salt march thousands were put into jail including Gandhi.
What did being arrested become a sign of patriotism
where did Gandhi learn to use civil disobedience? South Africa
Why did Gandhi uses civil disobedience He did not like violence and he wanted to shame the government into treating Indian families fairly.
What did the new government of india after world war 11 promise independence
why where muslims afraid of the hindu lead government? they were afraid that they might be treated unfairly.
Why was Pakistan formed? the Muslims thought the hindu government would treat them unfairly.
Who is Muhammad Ali Jinnah? the first leader of Pakistan
who was Jawaharlal Nehru? the first prime minister of india
Did independance in india lead to peace. No, violence erupted between muslims and hindus
How many people died in violent clashed between hindus and muslims 1 million people
how many people left india after independence about ten million people left their homes and moved across the borders to be with people of their own faith
What did Gandhi do because of the violence between muslims and hindus he fasted until the two groups stopped fighting.
Why was gandhi shot? a fanatic hindu shot him because he tried to protect the rights of Muslims
What were some problems in india after independence hindus and muslims were still violent, india and pakistan fought over kashmir, the growing population needed food and jobs
What is the Green Revolution a program in 60s and 70s that fed the people of india it was a change in crops and agricultural practices and new types of rice, wheat, new fertilizer and more efficient farming techniques increased crops so much that they could even export surplus
Who was the first female prime minister Indira Candhi, Jawaharlal Nehru's daughter She worked towards transforming India into a modern nation
How did Indira Gandhi die? she was murdered by two bodyguards
What were some problems in Pakistan? military dictatorships, economy declines, an difficulty finding jobs.
Why was Bangladesh formed East pakistan felt ignored by the government in west pakistan. Bangladesh was formed. Both still suffer from poverty
Indian money rupees
council of state Rajya Sabha
Buddhist Wheel of life found in flag Dharma Chakra
River that is important to India's farmers Ganges River
Hindu social classes castes
belief that a soul has many lives on Earth Reincarnation
Belief that one's situation in life depends on his or her action Karma
Spoken by 30% of the population hindi
a popular rural sport that is a blend of tag and wrestling kabbadi
hindu scripture vedas
more than 80% of Indians are this religion hindu
cars are driven on this side of the road left
color that stands fro courage and sacrifice orange
religions born in india Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism
three-wheeled vehicles common in India Rickshaws
house of people loksabha
Duties and responsibilities of someone's class Dharma
Please Kripyaa
Mughals came from what is now this town Uzbekistan
rice pudding kheer
one of india's many gods Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman etc,
No Nahi
Only ______ has more people then india China
Heavy rains that come between June and September monsoons
SPORT introduced to India by British Cricket
Animal herders from Central asia who came to northern India aryans
famous tomb built in 17th century Taj Mahal
celebrates the end of cold season Holi
festival of lights Diwali
number of houses in parliment two
one of India's official languages other then hindi english
India's national fruit mango
Created by: jackson25
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