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Test Ch. 9

6th Grade Ancient History

The area of tall grasses and widely spaces trees between the Sahara and Kalahari Deserts is called Savanna
The people of very small size who lived deep in the forest of the Congo Basin were Pygmies
The Bushmen spoke an unusual language called Clicks
At one time, Christianity became a state religion of Aksum
They carried goods to the market for the traders of central Africa Porters
The most famous of all Mali and described the people as just and honest and the land as safe and good Ibn Battuta
The people of ________ traded silently and secretly with the people of Sudan Ghana
The Tuareg, warrior people, used ________ for transportation and for food Camels
The official ________ was responsible for learning the village's history and for teaching it to the children and adults in order to preserve their heritage Rememberer
This is a person who studies the structure of different languages Linguist
This is a person who studies ancient cultures Archaeologist
This person studies plants Botanist
Dutchmen and Englishmen lived in Africa True
Mansa Musa was known for his good leadership qualities False
The people of central Africa had several written languages False
Timbuktu became Songhai's center of Islamic faith and learning True
The Omani were Arab kings who governed cities on the east coast of Africa True
Created by: wnewton
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