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geo and hist unit 5


What is the great writ? Habeas Corpus
To be tried for the same offense is called what? double jeopardy
What is a bill of attainder? a legislative act which convicts and punishes a person without a judicial trial.
the nineteenth amendment states... a US citizens voting rights cannot be abridged or denied by any state on account of age.
the 4th amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure by the gov't unless what? facts are presented sufficient enough to give probable cause to search.
What is an ex post facto law? a law that would apply retroactively or have an effect on a law that has already ocurred.
Jus soli means... right of the soil
The 5th amendment is a procedural right that protects against self-incrimination, this right protects against a prosecutor doing what? fishing for evidence to gain a conviction.
What is recall? the process of showing public disapproval of an elected official by putting his term of office in jeopardy.
What is initiative? a method that allows the citizens to assume the power of a law making body: however, this formal participation is not found in every state because much much unnecessary legislation can overburden the law books.
What does jus sanguinis mean? parentage
The thirteenth amendment states... no one shall be burdened with slavery regardless of color or nationality
The fifth amendment protects against double jeopardy which means what? being tried more than once for the same offense
The twenty-fourth amendment states... that your right to vote cannot be abridged or denied because you owe a poll tax or any other type of tax
indites by true bill... the grand jury
levying war on the Us by a citizen is an act of.. treason
levy war.. all... a unanimous verdict!
Does a naturalized citizen have all the same protections and rights as a natural born citizen? No... they can be denaturalized if they have been found to have evidence showing a lack of sincerity about their US citizenship
changing to a substantive right.. due process
What is referendum? a statute proposed by the legislature that the citizens can vote to approve or reject
How can a person lose their US citizenship? by giving allegiance to a foreign country
When are privileges or immunities of national citizenship most evident? out of the country
What are ways that we can participate in politics? Writing letters to elected officials and meeting them.
More people would vote if they believed what? their vote would be effective
How can we participate in government? by listening to presidential addresses and reading about government policies.
The first amendment protects what right? freedom of speech
The state requires that a citizen is registered and is a resident before they can do what? vote
How did Wong Kim Ark obtain his citizenship? by jus soli
To purchase private property the givernment must give what? due compensation
A citizen can be deprived of citizenship by doing what? commiting an act of treason
US citizenship is conferred overseas by what? jus sanguinis
Which amendment allows freedom of religion in education? the first
What are some ways we can participate in politics? registering voters and distributing literature
list the steps in order to obtaining citizenship... file the petition, present 2 supporting witnesses,attend citizen classes,receive approval from the judge,have name changed if desired
What amendment are freedom of speech and religion guaranteed in? The first.
What is eminent domain? the right of the gov't to purchase private property(property owned by private citizens)
the priviledges and immunities of what amendment are hard to define? the 14th
What is a dissenter? Someone who disagrees with a choice or choices the gov't has made yet still agrees with the authority of the government
Who controls voting requirements for the national elections? the states
Acts of treason... join a foreign army
Created by: kjproverbs356
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