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chapter 5 study

unit 1 chapter five studyguide

5-1 introduction 150 years ago archeologists found out that sumerian people lived.sumerians invented the plow and writing.
culture a charactoristic of civilization that includes the believes and behaviors of a society
civilization a culture marked by developments in arts,sciences,government,and social structer
5.2 charactoristics of civilization sumer was a hard place to live in because of little amount of rain and rivers that flooded the plains
social structure the way a civilization is organized
technology the use of tools and other inventions for practical purposes
5.3 stable food suply in sumer irrigation and plow helped to grow crops to eat
5.4 social structure there are three parts of social structure, upper,middle,lower.we are middle
status importance
5.5 government the king was beleived to be chosen by gods in Sumer
chariots a rwo-wheeled vehicle pulled by a horse
scribe a person who writes
5.6 religon sumerians gave citizens common rules to live by
5.7 the arts painting,architecture,music,and sculpting were the most popular arts sumerians used
lyre a wooden instroment made of a sound box and strings
5.8 technology technology that sumerians invented were the wheel,plow,writing,and arch
5.9 writing the writing that sumeranians used was called cuniform
ziggurat an ancient temple tower
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