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Growing Colonization

Colonization and British Rule

During the French and Indian War, Britain gathered large debts protecting their new territory. How did the British decide to pay off their war debts? The British government passed a number of laws, or acts, ordering the colonist to pay new taxes.
Why did the colonixt protest aginst the British government when they passed new acts? The colonist believed that they were sufferinfrom taxation without representation.
What metaphor explains the colonies relationship with Britain? The colonies were like a chld who sometimes refused to obey the parent.
At the beginning of the French and Indian War, the British lost many battles and blamed them on their uniforms. What was wrong with the British uniforms during battle? They were bright red and this made them an easy target
The Proclamation of 1763 was written by Britain to protect settlers from the Native Americans, what did the proclamation say and did the colonist approve? The Proclamation of 1763 said that Native Americans could have all the land west of the Appalachian Mountains and that settlers could not move thier. The colonist disliked the law, ignoring it and moving west.
What is Parliament? Parliament is the lawmaking part of the British government, similar to Congress in the United States.
In 1765, the British passed a new law, the Quartering Act. What did the Quartering Act say? It ordered the colonists to provide "quarters" for British soldiers. It also ordered them to supply the soldiers with food, fuel, and candles and to provide them with transportation.
Why did the British government pass the Quartering Act? Britain thougth that the colonists should help pay for the Army that defended them in the French and Indian War and the threat of the Spanish attacking from Florida.
What did the Stamp Act of 1765 state? The colonists would have to pay a tax on printed papers. To prove taht the tax was paid, almost every peice of printed paper would have to show a large blue stamp.
What are some examples of things that were taxed under the Stamp Act? Newspapers, pamphlets, marriage licenses, and playing cards.
How did the colonist show the disliked the Stamp Act? They refused to buy stamps, protested in the streets and town squares, tried to scare off the tax collectors by attacking their homes, boycotted British products.
Colonist believed the British soldiers were rowdy and rude and took away their jobs, the soldiers did not like the colonist either. What nickname did the colonist give the soldiers because of their clothing? Lobsterback
What event happened on March 5, 1770? The Boston Masacre
How did the Boston Massacre begin? Soldiers were guarding a tax house and upset colonist threw snowballs, stones and ice at them.
Which silversmith engraved the Boston Massacre in copper? Paul Revere
Under the Teach Act, which company was the only company allowed to sell tea to the colonies? The British East India Company
Why did the British lower the cost of tea under the Tea Act? So colonist that grew tea could not match their prices.
How much tea was dumped into the Boston Harbor? 90,000 lbs.
What were the intolerable acts? Laws past by Parliamnet to punish the colonist, the were so harsh that many could not tolerate them.
What is the Boston Port Act? It closed Boston harbor and forbid trade ships t enter or leave the harbor until the lost tea was paid for.
Who wrote the pamphlet Common Sense? Thomas Paine
Which founding father wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Which soldier was asked to lead the new army to fight the British? George Washington
Why was it difficult to decide if colonists should declare independence from Britain? Some colonist were ready but most of the delegates of Congress were loyal to King George of ENgland.
What was the underlying theme of Thomas' Paine's Common Sense? It is only natural for people to rule themselves instead of being ruled by a king.
Who edited Thomas Jefferson's first draft of the Declaration of Independence? Benjamin Franklin and John Adams
The delegates that signed the Declaration of Independence knew they were breaking English law. Which law were they breaking? Treason- acts of disloyalty against a ruler, country or government.
What does the first part of the Declaration explain? Why the colonist felt it was necessary to write the Declaration of Independence
A detailed, written plan of government. Constitution
a legislature consisting of two parts or houses bicameral
A system in which each branch of the government is able to check or restrain the power of the others checks and balances
The opening section of the constitution Preamble
The idea that the law applies to everyone rule of law
The split authority among the three branches of government Seperation of Power
The movement that spread the idea that reason and SCIENCE could improve society Enlightenment
A king or a queen monarch
A law based on customs and beliefs of a society common law
An agreement among a group of people compact
A group of people in one place that are ruled by a parent country somewhere else. Colony
John Lockes ideas that we had the freedoms relating to life, liberty and property natural rights
An agreement among people in a society with a government social contract
"give me your tired, your poor..... Statue of Liberty
Proclaim liberty throughout all the land Liberty Bell
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave National Anthem
Old Glory The Flag of the United States of America
In God we Trust National Motto
The Great Seal of the United States E pluribus unum
The Presidential Oath of Office I ... will... preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States
Pledge of Allegiance to the flag ...with liberty and justice for all
The American's Creed I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people...
Let Freedom Ring America (My country Tis of Thee)
The basis for American rights can be traced to a cultural movement called ___. Enlightenment
In 1215 the English King signed a contract allowing landholders to have rights and equal treament and limiting the monarch's power. What was the name of this document? Magna Carta
Which English philosopher believed that all humans should have natural rights such as life, liberty and property? John Locke
Which French philosopher created the idea of the seperation of powers? Baron de Montesquieu
Which agreement was written in 1620? Mayflower Compact
What type of resources were Great Britain looking for with the colonies? Chap, raw materials
What did the stamp Act tax? Newspaers and other legal documents
What did the Townshed Act allow British soldiers to do? Search anything looking for smuggled items
Which company was allowed to sell tea cheaply under the Tea Act? British East India
Which set of acts took away the right to a trial by jury and other Civil Rights? Intolerable Acts.
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