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KS History Ch. 4

Abolitionist A person who wanted to bring about the immediate end of slavery.
Antislavery Against the practice of slavery.
Border Ruffian Missouri settlers who crossed into Kansas to influence the outcome of the slavery issue in Kansas Territory.
Bushwhacker Missouri settlers who raided antislavery settlements in Kansas.
Free-Stater Someone who wanted Kansas to become a free state.
Jayhawker A Kansas free-soiler who would raid pro-slavery settlements and towns.
Popular Sovereignty The idea that political and law making power resides with the citizens.
Proslavery Supportive of the practice of slavery.
Repeal To revoke or remove.
Transcontinental Spanning or crossing a continent.
Treason Violation of allegiance toward one’s country.
Unconstitutional Not in accord with the principles set forth in the constitution of a nation or state.
Samuel Jones Proslavery sheriff of Douglas County who attacked Lawrence and burned down newspaper offices and the Free State Hotel.
Charles Robinson Involved in Free-state movement & arrested for treason by the Bogus Legislature for speaking out against slavery.
John Brown A well known abolitionist who was willing to use violence to end slavery and was executed for treason.
What was the Fugitive Slave Act? A law requiring all citizens to assist in the recovery of any runaway slaves.
Why was it difficult to organize a government in Kansas Territory? There were both anti-slavery and proslavery forces who wanted control of the government.
How did Kansas Territory get the nickname Bleeding Kansas? National attention focused on the violence over slavery.
The Southern states relied on slave labor because... The economy of the South was based on the cotton crops grown there.
What was the Underground Railroad? A network of safe houses that helped slaves escape to a free state.
Under which constitution did Kansas become a state? The Wyandotte Constitution.
What effect did the Kansas-Nebraska Act have on the Missouri Compromise? The KS-NE Act caused the MO Compromise to be repealed (removed).
How would popular sovereignty be applied in Kansas Territory? The people who lived in the Kansas Territory would be given the right to vote for or against slavery
What rights did the Wyandotte Constitution give women? Owning property, child custody, voting in school board elections.
What led to violence between Senator Charles Sumner and Representative Preston Brooks? Namecalling over the issue of slavery.
What ended the Pony Express? Telegraph and transcontinental railroad service.
What was the Bogus Legislature? Illegally elected pro-slavery territorial government, supported by President Franklin Pierce. They kicked out all anti-slavery members and began writing their own constitution.
Created by: WeberAE