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American National Government Exam 1

Since the 1960s Americans trust in their government has generally... Decreased
Which of the following is not a reason given to explain the increased apathy in American citizens? Decline in understanding politics.
In order to be a good citizen it is critical to posses... knowlege
The government can best be defined as... the system or form by which the community or other political unit is governed.
If the government was controlled by a small group of wealthy land owners and corporate leaders, this would best be described as.. an Oligarchy
which of the following is not an example given by the textbook of a total regime? The United Kingdom
A government that is formally limited by laws and rules is called... constitutional
direct democracy is best defined as... a system of rule that permits citizens to vote directly on laws and policies.
A represenative democracy is a system of government that... gives citizen a regular opportunity to elect government officials
what is the most importatnt check on the moajority rule of the united states? minority rights
the first written constituton of the united states was called... the articles of confederation
as a constitution, the articles of confederation were primarily concerned with... limiting the power of the central government.
the plan at the constitutional convention to create a congress where representation was distributed according to population was called.. the virginia plan
bicameralizim is a cinstitutional principle that refers to... a two chambered legislature
what was the 3/5 compromise? the agreement reached at the constitutional convention that for the purposes of apportionment of congressional seats,5 slaves would count as 3 free persons for purposes of taxation and representation.
the system of shared powers,divided between the central government and the states is called... federalisim
which of the following was designed by the framers to be an office directly elected by the people? congressional represenatives
the supremacy clause: the clause that declares all laws and treatiesmade by the federal government will be the supreame law of the land.
which of the following was not one of the writers of the federalists papers? Alexhander Hamiltion James Madiison John Jay
How many amendments are there in the constitution? 27
The substantive constraints found in the billof rights restrains on what the government can and cannot do.
which of the following best descriibs the supreame courts first ruling on the issue of the naturalization of the bill of rights in 1833 the bill of rights limits the national government but not the state government.
the wall of separation between church and state is best ound in what clause from the constitution. the establishment clause
the conteversy over suspissionless drug tests at schools and in the workplace pits the governments war oon drugs against the right of... security from unwarantable search and seisure
what is a grand jury? the jury that determines whethr there is sufficent evidense to justify a trial.
the right against______ prevents persons from being tried twice for the same crime double jeoparday
the current prohibition on the states to criminalize abortion is based on priavacy
what has been the supream courts ruling on physiscian assisted suicide. unlawful, but permited. oregan is the only state allowing it.
the first tie the supreame court interpreted the full scope of the first amendment was... post ww1
the first and most famous test for determining when the government could intervene to supress political speech was called... the clear and present dannger test.
the consttution authorityy of congress to forbit discrimination in employment is based in the... interstate commerce act
which of the following is the key question behind civil rights protection? what is the proer meaning of equality?
what was the goal pursued by the members of the abolishionists movment? the abolishment of slavery
what was the seneca falls convention? womens rights CRAP!
which of the following statements about the reconstruction era are false? African americans supported the democratic party.
what was the supreame courts responce to the civilrights act of 1875? declared unconstitutional.
which of the following was practices was explicitly protected by the 'separate but equal' princple? segregation of public accomidations.
which of the following best summarizes the supreame courts ruling in the case Brown vs Board of Education? they abolished sgregation
desegregation of schools in the north has proven difficult because as a result of migration people segregated themslves by mean of where they chose to live
in 1870mcongress passed a law forbidding which of the following immigrant groups from becoming US citizens... chinese
the 3 branches of government created by the constution are... executive legislative judicial
what is the term lenghth of a member of the house of represenatives. 2 years
the prez has the following powers except... declare war
what is the term lenght of a federal judge? life(barring impeachement)
why did the equal right amendment fail to pass? it wasnt ratified by the states
the supreme court case concerning smoking peyote during native indian religions rituals demonstrated the key problem for the court in ruling on relious freedoms is to determine... the free excersize laws
about what did the Justice Potter Stewart confess," i kow it when i see it" porn
the second amendment deals with the right to bear arms
the 4th,6th and 8th amendments are largely about criminal rights
the separate but equal doctrine was introduced in what supreme court case? Plessy vs. Ferguson
Created by: mr.vonlipich
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