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sci rev and enl dc

John Locke Believed te purpose of government was to protect the peoples individual rights.
5 Concepts of Enlightenment Philosophy Reason, Nature, Happiness, Progress, and Liberty
Philosophes A person who criticized society and government.
Separation of power Executive, Legislature, and Judical
Voltaire Francois Marie Arouet born November 21, 1694
Jean-Jacques Rousseau A philosopher born June 28, 1712
Baroque a painting made in Italy and "adopted" by people in France, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain fron the late 1500's to late 1700's.
Salon a gathering of groups of people
Natural Rights Life, Liberty, and Prosperty
Scientific Method the process by which scientists observe science experanents.
Social Contract People give up things for the government to maintain order with the law.
Enlightenment The act of getting knowledge.
enlightened despot another word enlightened monarch refures to the enlightenment
Neoclassical Style the style of the renaissance, the clothing they wear.
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