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chp2 Voc

Limited government each individual has certain rights that government cannot take away
Representative government System of government in which public policies are made by officials seleted by the voters and held accountable in periodic elections.
Magna Carta Great charter forced upon King Hohn of England by his barons in 1215.
Petition of Rights Documents prepared by Parliament and signed by King Charles the first of England in 1628.
English Bill of Rights Prohibited a sanding army in peacetime, except with the consent of Parliament, and required that all Parliamentary elections be free.
Charter A written grant of authority from the king.
Bicameral An adjective describing a legislative bod composed of two chambers.
Proprietary Organized by a proprietor (a person to whom the king had amde a grant of land)
Unicameral An adjective describing a legislative body with one chamber.
Confederation A joining of several groups for a common purpose.
Albany Plan of Union Plan proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1754 that aimed to unite the 13 colonies for trade,military, and other purposes;the plan was turned down by the colonies and the Crown.
Delegated Powers Those powers, expressed, implied, or inherent granted to the National Government by the Constitution.
Boycott Refusal to buy or sell certain products or srvices.
Repeal Recall
Popular Sovereignty Basic principle of the American system of government.
Articles of Confederation Plan of government adopted b the Continental Congress agter the American Revolution; established ''a firm league of friendship''
Ratification Formal approval, final consent to the effectiveness of a constitution, constitutional amendment, or treaty.
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