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A review of key elements of GA Standard SS8H7

The People's Party was also known as... Populist Party
Showcased the economy of the South and attracted Northern investors International Cotton Exposition
Spokesman for the 'New South' Henry Grady
Columnist who worked for fairness for poor; leader of suffrage and temperance movements Rebecca Latimer Felton
Democrats who dominated GA politics from 1872-1890 Bourbon Democrats
Who were the Bourbon Democrats? Joseph Brown, John Gordon, Alfred Colquitt
Passed in the South to establish 'separate but equal' facilities for whites and blacks Jim Crow Laws
President of Tuskegee Institute; gave Atlanta Compromise speech Booker T. Washington
Felt that blacks in the South should be patient, learn job skills, and equality would eventually come Booker T. Washington
voting procedure that gave more votes to small rural counties; declared unconstitutional County Unit System
to draw election districts to benefit a certain party or group Gerrymandering
New Orleans man who was 7/8 white; challenged the Constitutionality of Jim Crow laws Homer Plessy
resulted in Supreme Court ruling that Jim Crow laws were Constitutional Plessy v. Ferguson
Northern Jew who was found guilty of killing a girl; lynched Leo Frank
Georgia leader of the Populist movement; introduced bill for RFD of mail Thomas Watson
White on black violence caused by unfounded reports of attacks by blacks on white women in 1906 Atlanta Race Riot
To take voting rights away from someone (or a group) Disenfranchise
Black educator and social activist; supported education and social change for blacks John Hope
Wife of prominent African American educator and activist; organized Neighborhood Union to help blacks Lugenia Burns Hope
Former slave; barber; started Atlanta Life Insurance Company Alonzo Herndon
Atlanta Univ. professor; felt blacks should take action to achieve equality; 'talented tenth' W.E.B. DuBois
What did the Bourbon Democrats and Henry Grady say was the way to improve the economy of the South? Industrialize (like the North)
First woman senator (sworn in for only 1 day) Rebecca Latimer Felton
Event which caused the rebirth of the KKK in Georgia Leo Frank Case
Methods of intimidation used by the KKK cross burning, beatings, lynchings, burning homes/churches
A tax paid to vote poll tax
A way that poor, uneducated whites got around many of the laws that kept blacks from voting Grandfather Clause
Items/events that caused blacks to organize Atlanta Race Riot, Jim Crow Laws, Plessy v. Ferguson, disenfranchisement
Organization W.E.B. DuBois helped to create as part of the Niagara Movement NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
Places/things that were segregated by Jim Crow laws restaurants, hotels, restrooms, water fountains, schools, waiting rooms, railroad cars, trolleys
Jim Crow laws said that blacks and whites could have different facilities as long as... they were 'separate but equal'.
a measure that kept blacks from voting because they were generally uneducated, or poorly educated literacy test
Promoted 'accommodationism' Booker T. Washington
Created by: deanfam
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