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Unit 1 Tes

demography the statistical study of human populations epically with reference to size and density, distribution and vital statistics
enumerate to ascertain the number of; count
census a complete enumeration of a population; a periodic governmental enumeration of population
reapportion to apportion (as a house of rep) anew; to make new apportionment
redistrict to divide anew into districts; specifically, to revise the legislate districts of
How many people were living in the ca in 2006 36.5 million
how many people were living in the US in 2006 299.4 million
What is the number of voting members in the CA senate? 40
What is the number of voting members in the CA assembly? 80
How many seats does CA take in the house of rep 53
What categories of redistricting plans are drawn and enacted through the usual legislative process state legislature, CA seats in the house of rep, and for state board of equalization
gerrymander A legislative redistricting plan drawn up in such a way as to favor one party or interest over others
What point can be made about districts in either the state legislature or in CA delegation very few can be considered competitive
What can be said about the great majority of seats in either the legislature or in CA congressional delegation the great majority of seats are likely to be in the hands of one party in 2010
Why was it hardly surprising that democrats opposed plans the job of redistricting to a commission democrats had control of the legislature during all of this period
What was the first part of prop 11 changes authority for establishing assembly, senate, and board of equalization district boundaries from elected representatives to a 14 member commission
What was the 2nd part of prop 11 requires government auditors to select 60-registered voters from an applicant pool. permits legislative leaders to reduce the pool, then the auditors pick 8 commission members by lottery, and those commissioners pick 6 additional member for 14 total
What was the 3rd part of prop 11 requires commission of 5-domocRATs, 5 republicans and 4 of neither party. commission shall hire lawyers and consultants as needed
what was the 4th part of prop 11 for approval, district boundaries need votes from 3 democratic commissioners, 3 republican commissioners, and 3 commissioners from neither party
What is CA delegation in the U.S. house of rep called CA's congressional delegation
What percent of CA is Anglo 43
what % of CA is Latino 36
What % of CA is asian 12
what % of CA is black 6
what % of CA is a native 1
minority-majority states a population subgroup does not constitute a majority or 50% plus one
Which states are categorized as states where a population subgroup does not constitute a majority? CA, Hawaii, New Mexico, TX
By mid Century Latinos will be what fraction of CA residents more than half
By 2050 what fraction of CA residents will be anglos 25%
What year was the state's 1st constitution adopted 1849
When did CA gain statehood 1850
What was the financial situation of "many small farmers" in CA during the 1870's? They were deeply in debt and heavily taxed
What affect did business failures late in the decade have on unemployment in the cities? it made unemployment grow
What industry exercised power over both manufacturing and agriculture during the second half of the 19th century the railroads
What party was formed in response to the poor working conditions the workingman's party of CA
Who the the workingmans party of CA leader Dennis Kearney
What entity did kearney bitterly attack in his speeches, and what group dud Kearney reserve much of his venom? Kearney bitterly attacked big businesses, but reserved much of his for Chinese Immigrants
What did agitation by Kearney and his followers and by disgruntled farmers lead to? A new constitutional Convention in late 1878
When was a new Constitution was ratified by voters? May 7 1879
How long was the first states constitution in existence 30 years
What was the underlying problem, as the progressives saw it, involving popular control and government popular control over government was weak b/c it was indirect
What answer did the progressives devise to address the underlying problem involving popular control and government weaken intervening institutions, epically political parties, and give power directly to the people
Along with other innovations, what did the legacy of the progressives include elements of direct democracy
What did James Madison argue for in the federalist #10 advantages of a republic over a pure democracy
What type of democracy was the US constitution designed to provide representative democracy
direct democracy a system in which the people themselves decide what public policy should be
representative democracy a system in which such decisions are made, not by the people themselves, but through representatives the people choose to act on their behalf
who can formally introduced new legislation at national level member of congress
What powerful instruments of governments not found at the federal level do the people have access to initiative, the referendum, the recall
How many states have a statewide initiative 24
What % of the number of votes cast in the most recent election for a governor (if the measure is an ordinary statute) is required in order to place a proposition on the ballot for voter approval 5%
what % of the # of votes cast in the most recent election for governor (if it is a constitutional amendment) is required in order to place a proposition on the ballot for voter approval 8%
What type or types of referendums does korey identify compulsory and petition
when are referendums compulsory for constitutional amendments or revisions and for the issuance of most government bonds
what must first occur for statewide compulsory referendums to become ballot propositions be approved in both the senate and the assembly by a 2/3rds vote of membership
T or F bond measures require the governor's approval or an override of a governor's veto b4 going on the ballot T
When are petition referendums used when voters are unhappy with a statue passed by the legislature
What % of the number votes cast in the last election for governor is required to qualify a petition referendum for the ballot 5%
What statue was rejected by voters through use of a petition referendum in Nov 2004 a statute requiring most businesses to provide medical insurance to their employees
How many states provide for the petition referendum 24
Including CA how many states provide for the recall of at least some state officeholders 18
In qualifying a recall election of a governor or statewide office holder, what % of the # of votes casts in the most recent election for the is required 12
In qualifying a recall election of state legislators, members of board of equalization, and appellate and trial court judges, what % of the # of votes casts in the most recent election for the is required 20
What way or ways have been used to alter the constitution constitution conventions, referendums, initiative
When was the last time a constitutional convention was held in CA never since it was remade in 1879
In the almost 130 years of existence how many times has the CA constitution been altered over 500 times
how have the great majority of changes to the CA constitution come about through the referendum
What fraction of the amendments the the legislature has placed on the ballot have successful 2/3rds
How does CA have divided government Democrats controlling the legislature and GOP as the governorship
What is the voting threshold? 2/3rds vote. each party is strong enough to block the other
Why even though the initiative process provides a safety valve for voters frustrated with inaction, it may also contribute to the very problems it is designed to solve Successful initiatives lock in very specific policies and make it difficult for the legislature to deal with the polices' unanticipated consequences
Why is cooperation across party lines difficult? Sharp ideological divisions between very liberal democrats and very conservative republicans
What other states joined CA in adopting limits for state legislature Oklahoma and Colorado
How many states now have such limits 15
What is the maximum # of years a member of CA assembly can serve after voters in 1990 approved an initiative imposing term limits on state legislators three two year terms
What is the maximum # of years a member of CA senate can serve after voters in 1990 approved an initiative imposing term limits on state legislators two four year terms
What did advocates hope would happen if term limits were adopted it would bring a return of citizen-legislators more in touch with their constituents
What did opponents fear would happen if term limits were adopted high turnover would leave inexperienced lawmakers at the mercy of lobbyists and and bureaucrats
Who is the assembly's presiding officer? the speaker
Who became the assembly's presiding officer after Fabian Nunez Karen Bass
What formidable powers does the assembly's presiding officer enjoy The right to appoint from both parties the members of all standing committees and the right to appoint their chairs and vice chairs
How can a specific bill in committee be helped or hurt by the assembly's presiding officer They can change committee assignments for for a single day to ensure that the bill receives the desired treatment
How has the Assembly's presiding officer continued to cement the loyalties of fellow party members in recent years aggressive fund-raising on their behalf
Who is the official president of the senate lieutenant governor
When does the official president of the senate vote only in case of a tie
What is the most powerful position in the senate president pro tempore
What does the significance of powerful position in the senate come from the president pro tem chairs the five-member Rules Committee, which includes three members of the majority party and two members of the minority party
Who holds the most powerful position in the senate and is eligible to serve through 2014 Darrel Steinberg
How many members of the majority party serve on the Senate Rules Committee, including the president pro tem 3
How many members of the minority party serve on the senate rules committee 2
What does the Senate Rules Committee do appoints members from both parties to all other senate committees and names each committee chair and vice chair
Who can introduce a bill in the CA legislature in either house by a member
Where is a bill sent after it is introduced in either chamber it is then sent to one or more standing committees for hearings
What happens if the bill passes both houses, but in different form, and if neither house will agree to the other's version a conference committee is appointed to try to work out a compromise
If the bill is approved by both houses where is then sent the governor
What voting threshold is required in each house to override a veto by the governor 2/3rds vote in each house
What does passage of a bill require in the CA legislature a majority of the total membership
When do most bills go into effect in CA January 1st of the following passage
What must happen for a measure to go into effect immediately in CA it must contain an urgency clause and must pass by a two-thirds vote of the membership of each house
What is an item veto the power to reduce or eliminate individual line items in the budget bill or any supplemental appropriations legislation without having to reject the entire bill
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