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In what century were the Mongol conquests? 13th
What was the name of the dynasty in China under Mongol rule? Yuan Dynasty
Who was the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty? Kublai Khan
What happened to the Mongol Empire after Genghis Khan died? It broke up into several smaller Khanates
Name three important lands that the Mongols conquered Persia, Russia, China
What is a sultan? Emperor
In what centuries did the Mughals rule India? 16th to 18th
Whose reign was the beginning of the Mughal Empire? Babar
What two actions of Babar led to a strong empire? 1. Involved local leaders in his government 2. Built trade routes
What was a significant contribution of Emperor Akbar to making India a land where people could live in peace? He included both Hindus and Muslims in the government. He showed respect to Hindus.
What were three achievements of the Mughal emperors? 1. New land and sea trade routes were established. 2. The empire was connected to the rest of the world. 3. India gained progress with new inventions and ideas.
What was the name of the British company that gained trading rights and great influence in Asia in 1600? East India Company
Why did the British want to set up trading posts in India? To trade with the Indians and East and Southeast Asia.
Besides merchants, what types of people came from Britain to India? Army, navy, Christian Missionaries
What changes did the British bring to India? British legal systems, English language, technology
What was one of the most visible lasting accomplishments of the Mughals? Architecture
Give an example of Mughal architecture Taj Mahal or Red Fort
True or False - The Mughals were Muslim. True
Centuries of Muslim rule in India resulted in what? No disruption of the Indian class system
What was a lasting result of Mongol rule? Economic prosperity across much of Eurasia
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