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Dutch Explorer test

Explain Dutch Influences in Architecture Steep roofs, front porches, built stone buildings
How were Dutch Houses made? Narrow 1st floor, wide second floor
What was Peter Stuyvesant's nickname? Peg-leg-Pete
What did Peter Stuyvesant do? Cleaned up New Amsterdam
Did people like Peter Stuyvesant? No
What is New Amsterdam named now> New York City
Why was New Amsterdam good for trade? Because the harbor was built by the Hudson River
Where does the Hudson River flow to? The Atlantic Ocean
What is Fort Orange named now? Albany
What was Wall Street? A wall built around Manhattan
Why was a wall built around Manhattan? To protect the Dutch
Bouwerie Farm
Kill Creek
Step Gable A type of step roof built by the Dutch
Pigs First garbage collectors in New Amsterdam
Sinterklass Good man that visits on December 5th
Sinterklass The Dutch Santa Claus
Beaver Most valuable trading item in New Netherlands
Dutch West India Company Set up trade posts in the New World to make a profit in trade
Why were trading posts set up? To promote trade in the New World
Why was the Dutch West India Company interested in that region? Because of the beavers
Primary Source A record made by someone who saw or took place in an event
Where do documents come from? The Original Source
Define Slavery Slavery is people held against their will and forced to work without pay.
Where did the slaves come from? Africa
What was the life of a slave like? Slaves were forced to work the land for owners, harsh and cruel treatment, they had no freedoms
What was Peter Stuyvesant like? He treated people unfair, made unfair laws, was a strict leader.
What was good about Peter Stuyvesant? He cleaned up New Amsterdam, stopped people from stealing
Explain Dutch influences in food Cookies, coleslaw, waffle
Name some Dutch people Peter Minuet, Peter Stuyvesant, Killan Van Rensselaer, William Keift
Name some Dutch places Amsterdam, Rensselaer, Rotterdam, Peekskill, Brooklyn, Harlem, Coney Island
Name some Dutch cultural traditions Celebrating New Years Day, the visit of St. Nicholas at Christmas, Tulip Festival
Name some Dutch influences in sports Bowling, hockey, bike riding
Created by: kiahna
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