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Latin America-Sarah

Unit #2/Chapter 7

Central America is smaller than Texas but has 7 countries
Central America is located between Mexico and South America
highlands low mountains
lava melted rock from a volcano
earthquake the ground shakes and often cracks open
Central America cash crops coffee, bananas, sugarcane, and cotton
Nicaragua largest country in Central America
Lake Nicaragua is Nicaragua's largest lake and is the ONLY fresh water lake where sharks live in the world
Dictator full power over the country's laws, control money, and land
civil war people of the same country fight against each other
Communist a government that controls all businesses
inflation food and goods become more and more expensive to buy
Costa Rica's cash crops are bananas, coffee, and tourism
Costa Rica is very peaceful and is a democracy
Costa Rica has the highest standard of living in all the countries of Central America
isthmus narrow piece of land that is between two large bodies of water
Panama joins Central America with South America
Mayans built great cities in Central America more than 2,000 years ago
Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, giving ships an important water way
In 1999, Panama took control of the Panama Canal from the United States
Created by: Sarah.T