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TAKS Places & Events

Railroad connecting US from East to West; started in Omaha in East and Sacramento in West Transcontinental Railroad (first 1869)
Center for processing immigrants from Europe 1892 Ellis Island
Union that worked for better wages and working conditions, Samuel Gompers made it a success by operating like a business American Federation of Labor
Area between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, breadbasket of the US Great Plains
The final battle between Americans and the Native Americans, a massacre of the Sioux, markded the end of the Indian Wars Wounded Knee
W.E.B. DuBois led early Civil Rights Movement (1905); forerunner of the NAACP Niagara Movement
Shortened the route between the Atlantic and Pacific, TR's administration Panama Canal
US warship sunk in Havana Harbor, one of the causes of the Spanish-American War U.S.S. Maine
US capitalists (bankers and businessmen) invest in latin America Dollar Diplomacy
US insisted on equal trading priviledges for foreign powers in China Open Door Policy
During and after World War One, African-Americans moved from rural areas in the South to urban areas in the North for economic opportunities Great Migration
John Scopes was put on trial for teaching the theory of evolution Scopes Monkey Trial
A burst of African-American literature, art, and music in the 1920's. Harlem Rennaissance
Outlawing sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages (Volstead Act); repealed at the beginning of the Depresssion to raise revenue Prohibition
Area of severe drought during the 1930's, area covered portions of 9 states, caused many farmers to leave for California Dust Bowl
FDR's program of relief, recovery, and reform to end the Great Depression New Deal
African-American advisers to FDR on his unofficial cabinet Black Cabinet
Surprise attack by the Japanese, immediate cause of US entering World War Two, Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor
The strategy used by the US in the Pacific, consisted of capturing a key island in a chain of islands held by the Japanese, then using it as a base to capture the next set of islands Island Hopping
largest military invasion ever, Allies invaded the coast of France, beginning of the end of the European war D-Day (Operation Overlord)
German Nazi's systematic murder of six million Jews Holocaust
Name of the secret project to build the atomic bomb Manhattan Project
Names of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan to end the war started the Nuclear Age Little Boy Fat Man
Surprising victory of Truman over Dewey in spite of Democratic party split Election of 1948
The uneasy peace after world War Two, marked by an intense rivalry between the US and USSR; included an arms race and space race Cold War
US sending supping supplies to West Berlin following the Berlin Blockade (1948-49) Berlin Airlift
1960, American spy plane shot down over the USSR; increased Cold War tensions U-2 Incident
April 1961, US backed invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles to overhtrow Castro, failed Bay of Pigs Incident
Extreme opposition to communism; ruined many public figures that were blacklisted, guilt by association and fear tactics were used McCarthyism
Final battle between the french and the Vietminh (1954)in French Indochina War; our treaties with France entangled US in Vietnam Dien Bien Phu
1961 Seperated and completely closed off East and West Berlin; became the most visible symbol of the Cold War Berlin Wall
1962 JFK and Khrushchev faced off over Soviet missiles in Cuba; very tense time, brought world very close to war Cuban Missile Crisis
1963 US citizens show support for JFK's civil rights bill; the occassion of MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech March on Washington
LBJ's program to end poverty and racial injustice in America Great Society
The January 1968 attack by the Vietcong and north Vietnamese on more than more than 100 cities and towns in South Vietnam; turning point of the war Tet Offensive
Secret government documents showing the history of US involvement in Vietnam, exposed cover-up Pentagon Papers
Building up South Vietnamese forces while gradually withdrawing us forces Vietnamization
1970 College protest of the war, most tragic event of the "Vietnam War in US, four students were killed by National Guardsmen Kent State
Worked for equal opportunity in employment NOW- National Organization for Women
1979 Islamic revolutionaries stormed the US embassy in Tehran, Iran and took 52 Americans hostage; they were held for 444 days, a low point in US foreign policy Iran Hostage Situation
1991 UN Coalition of nations against Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, GHW Bush administration Desert Storm (Gulf War)
The 1972 break-in of the Democratic National headquarters; burglars aim was to plant listening devices, Supreme Court orders release of tapes of conversations from White House, prospect of Nixon impeachment, resigns Watergate Scandal
The American Indian Movement (AIM) occupies near Pine Ridge Reservation to protest federal government, 71 day standoff ensues Wounded Knee
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