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history ch 28

civil law set of laws dealing with disputes between citizens
criminal law sets of laws dealing with criminal acts and their punshments
redistricting the process of adjusting legaslative districts every ten years to account for population changes
consecutive following immediately after
municipal city or other local government
justice of the peace a local government offfcial who troes minor cases and performs civil marriages
misdemeanor an unlawful act that does not do significant harn and has a less severe punishment than most felonies
appeal a request to have a case heard again before a court
felony a crime more serious than a misdemeanor
precinct a small district formed to handle specific government tasks such as voting
auditor a person who examines accounts
constable a public affair usually responsible for keeping the peace and for minor court dusties such as serving subpoenas
trustee a person who is responsible for the property or affairs of another person or an institution
incorporate to form into a legal body
zoning limiting the possible uses for each piece of property in a city
home-rule city city of more than 5,000 people that has the right to self-government
general-law city city od fewer than 5,000 people that must obey laws set by the state legislature
strong mayor maor has full executive authority
weak mayor mayor has limited autrhority; city council is in charge
legeslative branch makes the laws
executive branch enforces and carries out the law
judicial branch interprets the law
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