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WW2-Social 33: Smith

Social studies 33

Who were the Axis powers? Germany, Italy, and Japan
Who was the leader of the United States? Franklin Roosevelt
How many Countries were at war? By 1945, at least 26
When did WW II begin? September 1, 1939
What made the U.S join the war? The attack on Pearl Harbour
Who was the leader of Germany? Adolf Hitler
When did Hitler commit suicide? April 30, 1945
When did the war end? September 2, 1945
How many countries were at war? By 1945, at least 26
How many people were at war? About 100 million men and woman in uniform
What was the death toll? 35 - 65 million people
How many Canadians were killed and wounded? Killed: 42,042 Wounded: 54,414
What does D-day stand for? Day when a major invasion will take place.
What is the name of the book Hitler wrote? Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbour? They needed to get the U.S naval power out of the way to get to resources in the far east
What does the "A" in A-bomb stand for? Atomic
What does the "H" in H-bomb stand for? Hydrogen
What ended the Japanese resistance? The nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
How many years did the war last? It lasted for seven years
What happened to Germany after the war? It was divided into four occupation zones
What race of people did Hitler want to kill? Jews
Created by: Rhead