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History New France

What is a Habitant? 5-6 points * role of the habitant was to clear the land * build homestead * plant and harvest crop * had to pay the seigneur part of their crop * had to work on the seigneurs land 3 times a year plus a couple
What is a seigneur? 5 points * Need to build house, mill and chapel for habitants. * needed to clear land, *provide defense * act as a judge in disputes. *responsible for manor house.
What is the seigneurial system? * was the system in New France used to divide the land along the water way because everyone wanted to be on the water since it was the main transportation route. * they divided the land into long narrow strips so each piece had a waterfront.
What was a woman's role in the seigneurial system? The woman had to maintain their farms and land because their husbands left for the military or the fur trade. If there husband's died they became owners of the land.
Using a flow chart ...outline the government system of New France King of New France Advisors to New France Governor General Intendant Bishop Sovereign Council 5 councilors Attorney General People of New France
What is the role of the Bishop? He represented the roman church and ruled over parish priests, and nuns. He was also in charge of missionaries, churches, hospitals, and schools
What is the role of the intendant? He was responsible for activities, supervised the day-to-day running of the colony, law, order, and finance. He was also chosen by nobility.
What is role of the Governor General? The governor general represented the king and was appointed by nobility. He was responsible for military planning, relations with Native people and made sure other officials did their jobs
What is the role of the People of New France? never questioned government decisions women were not involved
What is the attorney general's role? handled legal matters
Reasons Europeans came to North America Fishing/Furs/religion/Employment/
The Seven Year war was between who? Britian and France
The battle that ended the British and French Conflict was.... The Battle on the Plains of Abraham
The three locations of the 3-prong attack were: Louisburg, Ohio Valley and the Plains of Abraham
The two military leaders in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham were? France-Montcalm Britian-General James Wolfe
What ended the Seven Year War in Europe? The Treaty of Paris
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