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M.E.L S.S. 33 WW II

Just a basic WWII Q & A

WWII QuestionsWW II Answers
When did the war start? Sept. 1 1939
How did the war start? Aldof Hitler sent the German Army to invade Poland
What was the first violation of the Treaty of Versailles? Aldof Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland
What was the second violation? Germany invaded Austria to unite all German people
what was the third violation? Germany took over Czechoslovkia
Who did Germany ally with to take Poland? Stalin from Russia
What did the League of Nations do to stop the violations? signed an agreement called the Munich Agreement with Germany
Did the Munich Agreement work? No Hitler Broke it
What were the terms of the Munich Agreement? To allow Germany to have the Sudetenland not the rest of Czechoslovkia
What happened when the Munich Agreement was Broke? Britain and France Declared War on Germany
Where did Germany Attack first In the war? Germany attacked Denmark and Norway
What is the "Phoney War"? France and Britain expected an attack from Germany but they attacked Denmark and Norway instead
What first Ally was conqured in the first year of the war? France was taken over in June 1940 when Germany marched into Paris
What attack followed the Invasion of France? The Battle for Britain
What were Germany's intentions in the Battle for Britain? To raid Britain with an air force to soften up Britain
Which country did Germany help Italy take over? Greece
Which countries did Germany take over in North Africa? Tripoli, Libya, and Egypt
When did America join the war? After the bombing of Pearl Harbor
Who bombed Pearl Harbor? Japan
When did Japan bomb Pearl Harbour? December 7, 1941
Why did Japan do this? To gain control of the Pacific ocean
Why did they want this? to gain control of the rich raw materials in the pacific islands
How was Japan defeated? Two Atomic Bombs were dropped on two Cities
Which cities were bombed? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
name the nations that lost the war Italy, Germany, and Japan
Created by: dudelove