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WW2 Basics

Basic questions about World War II

Who was the president of the United states during ww2 Franklin D. Roosevelt
What was the great depression? It was when the stock markets crashed in america, which caused money problems all over the world. America could no longer loan Germany money for repations, and they even wanted the money back.
Why did the Japanese invade Manchuria? Japan was a poor and starving country and it wanted more by invading China.
What was the dawes plan? The dawes plan was created so that Germany could afford the reparations they had to pay France. It seemed to solve the worlds problems.
In the United States, who is in the legislative branch? The congress-house of representitives, and the senate.
Who's in the executive branch? The president, and the cabinet.
Who's in the judicial branch? The supreme court
What 4 things occured during the gulf war? a)in augest of 1990 iraq invaded kuwait to force kuwait to comply with set oil prices. B) early in 1991
what is imperialism? means the spirit of the empire. Historically it is used to describe one nation's attempts to dominate other nations, both politically and econoically
what is ideology? means a way of thinking influenced by ones values morals and beliefs.
what is a government? is the group of people who direct the affairs of a country.
what is inflation? means a sharp and sudden rise of prices of consumer goods in an economy
who are liberals? they are people who beleive in progress and democracy. Liberals beleive that the individual is the most important unit in society.
what is a market economy? it refers to any economy where consumers can buy or sell anything of their choice.
what are natural rights? they are basic freedoms that human beings should have naturally.
what is parliament? it is an assembly of elected national legislators.
what is public owner ship? means the government , rather then individuals, owns property and businesses.
what is racism? is any belief that is used to justify treating people differently because of there culture backgrounds.
what is nationalism? is the belief in the strength and uniqueness of one's own nation.
what does precivilized mean? refers to a state in which aspects of civilized society,such as intellectual,social,and cultural organization, are not in place.
who are reactionaries? they are people who resist change
what are regimes? are orderly systems of managment.
what is production? the creation of goods and services that can be used, bought or sold.
what is a president system? a president leads the government with the help of a group of executives.
what is a political system? its an organization which enables members of a society to protect their ways of life.
what are revolutionaries? those who seek to violently or totally change or overthrow the person or group holding power.
what is scarcity? simply means that there is not enough of something, or that it is un available.
state farms do what? all these produce and the profits go to the state.
what is a totalitarian government a small elite controls every aspect of the country and surpesses any group attempting to oppose it.
what is value-added tax? its a tax added at each stage of production of a product.
what does transnational mean? it means across nations
who are universal social programs available to? (blank)
who was hitler? leader of germany .
what is a cabinet? they are ministers who are in charge of executing the laws and policies set up by parliament.
what is a general assembly? where all nations could meet and discuss key issues and pass resolutions.
what was the first goal of UN? to maintain peace.
what is collectivized land? it is land worked collectively and cooperatively by a group of people, rather then one farmer.
what is an economic system? they are organized ways communities attempt to control the production and distrubution of wealth and materials.
what is indirect taxes? these are hidden in the price of goods and services.
what is economic stagnation? means that the economy slows down almost to a stand still.
who are entrepreneurs? they are businesspeople who have ideas for businesses and often start up, organize, and manage businesses.
what are dissidents? they are people who dissagree with a doctrine or belief set down by an established authurity.
what is indirect investment? in when investors lend money to be used for setting up companies in other countrues.
what is enviromental factors? these include anything that may be happening in the world that will affect political action.
what is ideology? it means a way of thinking influenced by ones values, morals, and beliefs.
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