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American History 3

1836 - 1870

Captured while negotiating under the white flag of truce Osceola Routed by troops Seminoles Used troops to route Seminoles Taylor
Published Concord Hymn Emerson States "By the rude bridge that arched the flood/Their flag to April's breeze unfurled/Here once the embattled farmers stood/And fired the shot heard round the world The Concord Hymn Applied for a patent on his telegraph machine Morse
Forced to move to the west of their home Cherokee Indians were forced to leave this state Georgia Indians forced to move west of this river Mississippi
Path from Georgia to the west of the Mississippi Trail of Tears Tocqueville's book on his expeirience in the Americas Democracy in America Published Democracy in America Tocqueville
The first co-ed college and the first college to admit blacks Oberlin College Where is Oberlin College located? Ohio Invents process for vulcanizing rubber Goodyear
This war ends with boundary decided between two territories Aroostook War The boundary decided during the Aroostook War The boundary between Maine and New Brunswick These two people use a technique developed by Frenchman, Louise Daguerre to make first photograph Morse and Draper
Supposedly invented the rules for baseball in New York Doubleday Where the rules for baseball were supposedly invented Cooperstown, NY Elected the nation's 9th President and the 1st Whig President Harrison
Dies a month into his presidency after contracting pneumonia after giving a two hour long inaugural speech Harrison First Vice President to become President on death of Chief Executive Tyler Set up by George Ripley as a eutopian community at West Roxbury, Massachussetts Brook Farm
Ajusts Maine-New Brunswick border and settled US-Canadian border Webster-Ashburton Treaty Where the US Canadian border is Lake Superior and Lake of the Woods Explored far west Fremont and Carson
Settlement of Oregon Territory begins with this trail, begins at Independence, Missouri and ends in the Willamette Valley Oregon Trail Invented the sewing machine Howe Took over the American Museum in New York, filling it with relics and living exhibits Barnum
Published memorial to legislature of Massachussetts, an indictment of state treatment of the insane. Dix Gives public demonstration of his telegraph with the memorable message, "What hath God wrought." It traveled from Washington to Baltimore. Morse The 11th US President, 1st Dark Horse candidate behind the slogan, "54 40 or fight!" in reference to the northern boundary of the Oregon Territory. Polk
Kills Mormon Joseph Smith for advocating polygamy A mob in Carthage, Illinois The first President to get married while in office Tyler Tyler's wife Julia Gardiner
Writes that it's nations manifest destiny to extend its borders to the west coast in accordance with the will of God O'Sullivan Annexed as a State Texas Began his two year experiment living on the shores of Walden Pond on land owned by Ralph Waldo Emerson and published Walden in 1854. Thoreau
The US goes to war with Mexico with troops under _______________ Zachary Taylor Would have set up $2 million for the settlement of border disputes with Mexico and kept slavery out of any territory acquired by war with Mexico, failed in the House of Representatives named for David Wilmot Proviso Uses ether as an anesthetic at Harvard Medical School Morton
Routes Mexican forces under Santa Anna at Buena Vista Taylor Defeats Mexican at Vera Cruz and later occupies Mexico City unopposed Scott Who was on the five cent stamp? Franklin
Who is on the ten cent stamp? Washington Settled in Salt Lake City, Utah Mormons Head of the Mormons when they settled in Salt Lake City, Utah Young
Was paid $100 for Oh Suzanna Stephen Foster How old was Stephen Foster when he wrote Oh Suzanna 21 Ended the Mexican War and gave the US most of the present day Southwest The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Nations 12th President Taylor Founded at Oneida, New York Industrial Utopia Founded Industrial Utopia Noyes
Discovered gold at Sutter's Mill, leading to the California Gold Rush the next year Marshall Held a convention for women's rights at Seneca Falls, NY Mott and Cady Saved from disaster in Salt Lake, as seagulls come and eat swarming crickets Mormons
Had been jailed for one night for refusing to pay taxes which go to support slavery and the War with Mexico and published his essay, Civil Disobedience Thoreau Becomes first female physician Blackwell Nations 13th President after the death of Zachary Taylor and the last Whig President Fillmore
Calls for federal jurisdiction over runaway slaves and prompt return of slaves to southern owners The fugitive slave law Critics warned him that his support for the compromise of 1850 may affect his chance for the Presidency. He says, "I'd rather be right than President." Clay California admitted as a free state, New Mexico and Utah territories have no restriction on slavery Clay's compromise of 1850
Patents updated version of sewing machine Singer Published Uncle Tom's Cabin, which becomes the fastest selling book at that time Stowe Defeats Scott to become 14th President Pierce
Opens Japan to foreign trade Perry Negotiated by US minister to Mexico, James Gadsen add nearly 30,000 square miles of territory in the southern parts of present day Arizona and New Mexico Gadsden Purchase Created at meeting in Ripon, Wisconsin Republican Party
Allowed settlers in the territories to choose between free soil and slavery Kansas-Nebraska Act Drew up the Ostend Manfesto Buchanan, Mason, Soule Secretary of state that requested the Ostend Manafesto Marcy
States that the US should take Cuba if Spain refuses to sell Secret Declaration Published Leaves of grass Whitman First Republican candidate for president Fremont
nation 15th president Buchanan Massachusetts Sentor who is beaten unconcious at his desk Sumner Beat Sumner unconcious Brooks
Began laying out New Yorks central park Olmstead Looted and Sacked by pro-slavery forces Lawrence, Kansas Case that ruled Missouri Compromise in uncontitutional Dred Scott vs Sanford
Began printing lithographs of American Life Currier, Ives Squared off in 7 debates in the race for Illinois Senate seat Lincoln, Douglas First transatlantic cable fails after four weeeks Cyrus Fields
Where first oil well was drilled Titusville Who drilled the first oil well Drake The Comstock Lode Large silver strike
Where the comstock lode was found Virginia City (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Captured by forces under Lee, hanged for treason Brown Composed Dixie Emmett Began 11 day service from St. Joseph to Sacramento Pony Express
Nations 16th President Lincoln Voted to secede from the Union South Carolina Forced surrender of Anderson at Ft, Sumter Beauregard
Sent from California Supreme Court to Washington DC First transcontinental telegram Commander of Confederate forces Lee Head of union foces McClellan
Became hero as South routs North in First battle of Bull Run, earned nicname "Stonewall" Jackson Said"There is Jackson standing like a stone wall" Bee Wrote Battle Hymn of the Republic Howe
Called Cheesebox on a raft Monitor Fought in first ever battle of ironclads Monitor, Merrimac Won the second Battle of Bullrun South
Fought to bloody standoff at Shiloh, TN Johnston and Grant Became the bloodiest confrontation of war as troops clash Battle of Antietam Where the battle of Antietam was located Frederick, Maryland
Two commanders that fought at Antietam Lee and McClellan Provided 30,000 acres of US land to each state to establish colleges Morrill Land-Grant College Act Gives land at minimal cost to settlers in the west Homestead Act
Becomes law on January 1, 1863; freeing slaves in Rebel controlled territory Empancipation Proclamation Well known short person marries a 32 inch woman Tom Thumb Married Tom Thumb Lavinia Warren
Defeated Fighting Joe Hooker at Chancellorville Lee Accidently shot by his own troops; has his arms amputated and dies Stonewall Jackson His troops met with heavy casualties at Gettysburg Lee
Lost 1/2 of his 14,000 men in ill-fated assault Pickett The ill-fated assault that killed 7,000 Pickett's Charge Surrendered Vicksburg to Grant Pemberton
Leads his pro-confederate forces on raids in Lawrence, Kansas killing 150 civilians Quantrill Attacked Fort Wagner in events that become the basis for the movie Glory Massachussets 54th Colored Infantry Defeated Rosecrans at Chickamauga Bragg
Makes 2 hour speech no one today remembers Everett Wins again at Chattanooga; fought Lee in the Wilderness campaign Grant Sunk the ship Alabama off France Kearsarge
Burns Atlanta; marches to sea and takes Savannah Sherman Takes Mobile Bay after urging his men to "Damn the Torpedoes, full speed ahead" Farragut His troops briefly occupy Washington before Grant sends reinforcements from Richmond Early
Defeated McClellan for President Lincoln The Confederate Capital Richmond Where Lee surrendered to Grant Appomattox Court House
What is the notorious prison camp that is liberated Andersonville, Georgia Assassinated Lincoln, shouted Sic Sempter Tyrannus; is hunted for crime, caught and killed at Port Royal Booth The 2 conspirators that are hanged Surrat and Paine
Captured near Irwinville, GA Davis Published "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" Twain Patents the cylinder lock Yale
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