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Kansas Chapter 3

Francisco Coronado 16th century Spanish explorer who was the first European to explore Kansas
Quivira mythical city that contained great riches supposedly located within Kansas
Claude Charles Du Tisne first French explorer/trader sent to form trade relationships with the Native Americans in Kansas in order to gain favor
Etienne Veniard de Bourgmont second French explorer/trader sent to form trade relationships with the Native Americans in Kansas in order to gain favor
French/Spanish Impact New products and economic prosperity for the Native Americans brought about through trade
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark American explorers who navigated the Missouri River in Kansas in search of a water passage to the west coast
Zebulon Pike first American explorer to explore the Louisiana Territory by land, his observations of Kansas were negative, stating that Kansas was like a desert
Stephen H. Long Created a detailed atlas, labeling much of Kansas as the "Great American Desert"
Impact of Desert Label Negatively affected settlement due to the belief that cultivation of crops was impossible, led to the establishment of Native American reservations due to the perceived uselessness of the land
Indian Removal Act Law allowing the American government to move Native Americans in lands in the east to lands west of the Mississippi
Emigrant Indian Native Americans who were moved to reservations in Kansas
Missionaries People who came to Kansas in order to help the Native Americans adapt to their new way of life, they "Americanized" the Native Americans by setting up schools, teaching English, and clothing the children with American clothes
Santa Fe Trail Was a commerce trail that ran from Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico
Oregon-California Trail An emigrant trail where people traveled from Independence, Missouri to Oregon and California
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