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USHistory Review 7

Goal 7

She went on a hunger strike to influence the passage of the 19th Amendment Alice Paul
She exercised civil disobedience in her support of women's suffrage Susan B Anthony
Early Progressive reformer who helped mentally ill Dorothea Dix
Known as the "Conservative President" and "Father of the National Parks" Theodore Roosevelt
Founder of Hull House, helped women and children improve their lives Jane Addams
Wrote muckraking book "The Jungle" about the meat packaging industry Upton Sinclair
The muckraker who photographed bad living conditions in cities; "How the Other Half Lives" Jacob Riis
President who supported Pure Food and Drug Act after reading "The Jungle" Theodore Roosevelt
Progressive President who created Federal Reserve System to regulate the banking industry Woodrow Wilson
Founder of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Niagara Movement WEB DuBois
Leading activist in the Women's Christian Temperance Movement Carrie Nation
Inventions like the typewriter, sewing machines, and telephone benefited these people Women
Political movement opposed to big businesses and bad urban conditions Niagara Movement
NAACP; Great Migration; Niagara Movement were ways blacks opposed these laws Jim Crow Laws
Kind of journalism that led to Meat Inspectors Act and Pure Food and Drug Act Muckraking
Anti-immigrant attitude in the 1920s that led to quotas/restrictions on immigration Nativism
Organization who tried to ban the use of alcohol Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
A revolutionary concept in the buying and selling of abundant consumer goods Mail-order Catalogues
Congressional Act passed to reduce political corruption and abuses of the spoils system Pendleton Civil Service Act
Progressive reform in 1906 that increased government power to regulate railroads Hepburn Act
Plan by Theodore Roosevelt to help factory workers get fair treatment by their employees Square Deal
Supreme Court case that upheld Jim Crow laws with principle of "Separate but equal" Plessy v. Ferguson
Constitutional Amendment that established women's suffrage 19th Amendment
Constitutional Amendment that established the Graduated Federal Income Tax 16th Amendment
Constitutional Amendment that prohibited the production, distribution or consumption of alcohol 18th Amendment
Constitutional Amendment that established direct election of senators 17th Amendment
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