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USHistory Review 4

Goal 4

Inventor of mechanical reaper that contributed to mass production of wheat Cyrus McCormick
Inventor of steel plow that made farming in dry, Great Plains possible John Deere
Groups of farmers in West who joined to oppose unfair prices of railroad companies Grangers
Blacks from the South who migrated to Kansas for cheap land on the Great Plains Exodusters
Groups of immigrants who worked on building Transcontinental Railroad Irish, Chinese
Leading spokesperson for the Populist Party who gave famous "Cross of Gold" speech William Jennings Bryan
Name given to people who "rushed" to California to strike it rich in the gold rush 49ers
People who received 160 acres of free land on the Great Plains were called Homesteaders
People who migrated to present day Utah to escape religious persecution were called Mormons
The leader of the people who migrated west to get religious freedom was Brigham Young
The dry climate of the West forced farmers to modify farming methods Windmills, dry farming, and steel plow
Development that lead to increased settlement and economic growth of the West Transcontinental Railroad
Law that forced policy of assimilation on Native Americans Dawes Severalty Act
Policy opposed by Populist Party because it limited amount of currency Gold Standard
Populist desire to increase currency, raise prices, and reduce burden of debt Bimetallism
Populist reform proposed to give Americans more say in who serves in Congress Direct Election of Senators
Populist reform ideas to make government more democrative Initiative, Referendum, and Recall
Book/movie that symbolized the struggles of farmers and Populists The Wizard of Oz
160 acres of free land to those who settled in the Great Plains Homestead Act of 1862
Law giving free land for establishment of schools and universities in West Morrill Land Grant
Battle won by Indians over General George Custer that led their eventual defeat Little Bighorn
Invention that impacted West by closing of the open range for the great cattle drives Barbed wire
1st government regulatory agency created to limited unfair business practices of Railroads Interstate Commerce Act
The mining frontier began in this state at Sutter's Mill of 1849 California
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