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History 7 Chap 7

BJU History 7th grade

Whose efforts helped pass the New Laws of 1542? Bartolome' de Las Casas
O Aleijandinho's sculptures were what? angular and realistic
In what South American region are the Pampas located? the River Plate Republics
What two countries form the Iberian Peninsula? Spain and Portugal
What was the name given to people with Indian and Spanish parents? mestizos
The Line of Demarcation established that everything east of the line could be claimed by which country? Portugal
Name three features of typical upper class homes in South America. house opened onto an interior courtyard, first floor wsa used for business, and second floor was used for family apartments
Why were Jesuits expelled from the New World? Others were jealous of their profits and power
How did the Spanish usually reward a conquistodor when they chose to? awarded him an encomienda
What is the region called that was settled by people from the Iberian Peninsula? Latin America
Why did the Portuguese royalty flee to Brazil? Portugal had been captured by Napolean
Government generals in Brazil were appointed to replace which earlier rulers? donatarios
What did the country of Suriname used to be called? Dutch Guiana
Pirates were the curse of the Caribbean sea, especially for what group? Spanish navy
What is the name for people of pure Spanish or Portuguese descent born in the Americas? Creoles
What South American river is the second longest in the world? Amazon
Which religious group was expelled from the New World by both the Portuguese and the Spanish? Jesuits
What were the two major exports of colonial Latin America? sugar and refined silver
What treaty reestablished the Line of Demarcation? Treaty of Tordesillas
What is the government official's title that literally means "in place of the king"? viceroy
What major South American product is originally from Arabia? coffee plant
What mountains did San Martin cross on his way to liberate Chile? The Andes
This man, known as the liberator, helped several South American countries achieve independence. Simon Bolivar
These strong men helped to overthrow governments but ruled as dictators themselves. caudillos
He was the first governor-general of Brazil. Thome de Souza
These Portuguese nobles had complete control over their captaincies. donatarios
They have become the symbol of rugged Independence. gauchos
These country estate owners were like the lords of the medieval manors. hacendados
This Dominican friar spoke out against unfair treatment of the Indians. Barolome' de Las Casas
This Brazilian was one of South America's most famous sculptors. Antonio Lisboa
He shouted "Independence or death!" and tore the symbol of Portugal from his military uniform. Pedro I
The Argentine government chose him to take independence to Peru. Jose' de San Martin
T/F: Spanish and Portuguese colonies suffered from high taxes on exports and high prices on imports. T
T/F: The Spanish government never officially approved of enslaving the native South Americans. T
T/F: Many of the Indians went back to their former way of life after the Jesuits were expelled. T
T/F: The first Indians the Spanish met in the Americas were poor. T
T/F: Outside the cities, most of the land in Latin America was owned by small farmers. F
T/F: San Martin chose as his troops the degradados of Brazil. F
Essay question: . .
Essay question: . .
Created by: amcollins
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