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HV 7 midterm


What is Geography The study of the land
What are the 5 themes of Geography Location, Place, Regions, Movement, Interaction
What is Latitude distance north and south of equator (measured in degrees)
What is Longitude distance east and west of prime meridian measured in degrees
What is the equator an imaginary circle around the earth that splits the north and south poles equally
What is the Prime Meridian the meridian of 0 degrees longitude (used to measure other longitudes)
What is a peninsula a piece of land that sticks out into the water
What is a strait a narrow channel connecting two large bodies of water
What is an isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting 2 larger areas of land
What is a plateau a flat area of high land
What is a bay an inlet of a body of water
What is a tributary a stream that flows into a larger body of water like a river or lake
Where did the first Americans come from? A Land Bridge (now the Bering Strait) Most people came from Asia
How do Archeologists study the past? Digging for and studying artifacts (evidence from the past)
What is a political scientist? studies political/government ideas and behaviors
What is the Theme of Interaction with the Environment? How humans change the enviornment/place or how the environment changes/helps humans. (using the land/environment to meet needs)
what is the interaction between Inuits and the environment? used blocks of ice (igloos) to keep warm
Environment interaction for Plains Indians teepees made from buffalo hide
Environment interaction for Pueblos made adobes (sun dried bricks)
Environment interaction for Eastern Woodlands Used wood to build longhouses
What is culture? the practice or way of living in a certain area
Why did Native american cultures develop in North America? Had developed ways to meet basic needs of life.(farming, hunting and gathering, trade)
Who were the Iroquois? First native Americans in NY
What was the league of the Iroquois? Made up of 5 leagues (later a 6th joined)each league made up of clans (groups related to each other)formed league to promote peace.
How did Iroquois pass on history? through story telling
What was a womens role in Iroquois society? A huge influence, owned all the land, ran the clan, chose the chiefs (sachems)
What were the middle ages known for? Exploration
What was the impact of the crusades? new customs and diverse cultures
What is the Renaissance? A rebirth (included education, arts, etc..)
Who is Gutenburg? Invented the printing press
What new technology allowed for exploration? Compass Rose
What were the motives for European colonization? God (freedom of religion), Glory (power), Gold (Money)
Why di Europeans want to find a trade route to Asia? spices, and land
What impact did Christopher Columbus make? opened the door for more exploration from Spain -- discovered the new world through the Bahamas
How did contact with Europeans affect native Americans? Brought disease to them like small pox and killed many of them
What is the Columbian Exchange? An exchange of animals, people, cultures, diseases, etc.. between the two worlds
How did Spain interact with the Native Americans? Native americans traded with them and tought them how to farm but in the end were very cruel to them
What were the four social classes of New Spain? 1- Peninsulares,2-The Creoles Born in US but have spanish parents, 3-The Mestizos Born as indian and spanish(mixed, 4-The indians
What was the middle passage? The bases of the triangular trade route--brought slaves to America to be traded for food etc...
What was the northwest passage? a sea route through the artic ocean that connects atlantic and pacific oceans
How did trappers and missionaries help new France grow? they gave explorers a place to stay and taught them how to trap and live off the land
Why did French set up colonies? To get away from the church of England (religious freedom)
Importance of Jamestown? 1st English settlement in New World (Virginia)discovered by John Smith. Pocahontas helped them develop the colony
What was the House of Burgesses? First government elected by colonists
why did Pilgrims establish (set up) a colony? religious freedom
What was the purpose of the mayflower compact? 1st governing document of the plymouth colony
What is a primary source? first hand testimony or direct evidence
what is a secondary source? a second look at something-- discusses a primary source or relates to it
Why did Puritans establish the Massachusetts colony? the king of England gave them a charter ($) to establish and set up a colony that would support bringing purity to the church of England
Who were the puritans? English protestants who wanted to change the church of England and the power that it held.
Why did people leave Mass. and establish Conn. and Rhode Island religous tolerance and to create new settlements
Who was Ann Hutchinson? A puritan leader who went to trial for her beliefs.
Who was William Penn discovered Pennsylvania
What was the Mason Dixon Line? A divison between free and slave states
What was Bacons rebellion? an uprising in Virginia against Native Americans
What is backcountry? similar to the wilderness (not a developed area)
What was the tidewater region? First area of ship building etc to help in colonization and trade
Liquid highways rivers,oceans, etc used to transport goods
New England Colonies Mass, conn, rhode island, and New Hampshire (today is all of New England)ship building, farming, hunting, etc...
Middle Colonies NJ, NY, Penn, and Delaware Lots of rich soil and areas rich in lumber for ship building etc...
Southern Colonies Virginia, SC, NC, virginia, Maryland became very rich from cash crops, tobacco, etc...
Why did south become dependent on slave labor? Needed slaves to keep up with the demand of products
What were slave codes? each colonies rules on slaves-- gave owners complete power over slaves
What were the Navigation Acts? restricted shipping between England and the colonies
What is mercantilism?
Who was George Washington Leader defended Fort necessity
What is a militia? a force/army made up of civilians
What was the Albany plan of Union First attempt to unite 13 colonies proposed by Ben Franklin
Treaty of Paris Ended the French and Indian War
What does ceded mean? surrendered
What was the proclamation of 1763 Stopped colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mtns.
What was the Sugar Act British tax on molasses to the colonies
What was the Quartering Act British housed soldiers in peoples homes to save money
What was the stamp Act Colonists had to pay tax on all kinds of products such as marriage licences
Who were the Sons of Liberty Formed to protest British policy/organized Boston Tea Party/leader was Samuel Adams
What is a boycott An organized campaign to refuse to buy certain goods
What is a petition written request to government signed by a group of people
Writs of Assistance court orders that allowed officials to search without saying what for
Boston Massacre Boycott hurt british merchants and put pressure on parliament which led to blood shed
Who was John Adams a massachusets lawyer and leading defender of colonial rights
Who is Sam Adams leader of sons of liberty
What was the Tea Act Intended to help British East India Company
What is a monopoly total control of a market for a certain product
What was the Boston Tea Party a group of colonists (sons of liberty) organized port cities to stop the east india company tea from being unloaded
What were the intolerable acts 4 acts(laws) against Mass, punishment for the boston tea party, closed the port of boston
Minutemen citizen soldiers who could be ready to fight at a minutes notice
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