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World Civi EOC

System of Government in the Middle Ages used to provide protection and security.Included clegy, nobility, and peasants. Feudalism
A King or queen Monarchy
A class between the rick land owners and the poor surfs(this class grew out of the cities of the Renaissance). This group had more social status than peasants, but less than nobles. Middle Class
The time from 1400 to 1600 in which Europeans entered and age of thought, learning, art, and science; a French word meaning "rebirth". Renaissance
Organizations that crafts-people of the Renaissance joined. Helped to get better training, wages and rights. Guilds
The belief that humans are important. New thought of the Renaissance. Humanism
A machine that used " moveable type" to create books, bibles, etc. Was invented by Johann Guttenburg Printing Press
A system of observing and experimenting to determine whether an idea should be accepted as true. Scientific Method
The belief that the sun is the center of the Universe. Heliocentric
A religious moviement that began in Europe in the 1500s as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church. This resulted in the founding of Protestanism. Reformation
The only Christian church before the Reformation. A religion based on the life and teaching of Jesus CHrist with headquarters in Rome, Italy; headed by the Pope. Catholic
Pardons for sins that were sold by the Catholic Churh Indulgences
The leader of th Catholic Church Pope
A fleet of Spanish warships under Phillip II were set to Attack England but were driven away by the faster English ships and then destroyedin a violent storm while retreating around the northern tip of Scotland. Armada
Name of the churches that were formed as a result of protests against the Catholic Church. Protestant
Spanish adventurers who came to the Americas in search of gold. Conquistador
Food and goods that were exchanged between the "Old" and "New World" by the explorers. Cattle and Horses From Old Corn and Potatoes from New
Land "found" by the explorers. North and South America. New World
English playwright and poet. Famous for "Romeo and Juliet". Considered one of the greatest writers of all time. Shakespeare
A treaty between Spain and Portugal; A line running straight up the Atlantic Ocean and through Brazil and between Canada and Newfoundland gave lands east of the line to portugal and lands west of the line to Spain. Treaty of Tordesillas
Italian painter, sculptor, and architect. He painted the Sistine Chapel and Carved the Pieta. Michaelangelo
Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist. He is most famous for The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. Leonardo da Vinci
Queen Elizabeth's Father. Led the reformation of the Church of England bringing the Protestant Reformationto England. Formed the Angelican Church. Henry VIII
German who brought the idea of moveable type to Europe. He printed Europe's first book, a 1,200-page Bible. Johannes Guttenburg
Elizabeth I
Isaac Newton
Martin Luther
Leo X
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Barthalemeu Dias
Prince Henry the Navigator
Vasco da Gama
Ferdinand Magellan
Cities Jobs
Humans are important and have value Humans can think for themselves
More money/improved economies Cities grew
Spread ideas of religion Books were affordable Increased Education
Discovered New World Desired wealth/gold
Cacao(Chocolate) and Turkey- New World Coffee and Broccoli-New World
Explored coast of Africa Discovered water route around Africa to India
Believed Church was corrupt INDULGENCES(Buying forgiveness of sins)
Wife wasnt producing a boy so he wanted a DIVORCE
Created by: emmalulugirl10
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