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History Sem 2-Europe

All Eras

What happened in he enlightenment period in Europe? People started to study human behavior and absolute monarchies and believed people had natural rights, life, liberty and property
What is a protestant? A person who was protesting certain practices of Catholic church wanted reforms to faith and practice
Who is Martin Luther? A german monk who believed the church was corrupt, pope was immoral, nailed 95 theses (complaints), was excommunicated and started Lutheran Church
Protestants do: Not follow the Pope, or catholic church, believe the bible is the foundation to faith, believe in personalized faith, don't follow all the sacrements, and believe can save your soul.
Absolutism: the belief that monarchs had unlimites power given to them by God at birth, people had few freedoms; gave kings/queens excuse to do whatever they wanted for their own glory
Louis 14: King of France for 72 years, taxed heavily, built huge palace of Versialles for his own huge house, used tax $$ for his own money, fought wars to make himself more powerful, people could do little to limit the power.
Exploration: Looked for new routes, resources, markets.
Christopher Columbus: Spanish explorer who sailed to America's and helped colonize them.
Colonization: the process of turning foreign lands into claimed territories so Europeans could get new resources and lands for settlement
Renaissance: means 'rebirth' a time period after the middle ages where people wanted a renewalof classical (Greece and Rome)art, sculptures, literature, thinking
Medieval: means middle ages, was time period between fall of Rome and the Renassiance- no major countries, lawlessness, church is political
Feudalism: Political/Social systems of medieval Europe, peasants (serfs), for lords, knights protected them
Serfs: peasants bound to the land, poor, worked whole lives on farms owned by a lord or in a specific guild in a town
Christian Church: most powerful organization/political force, lives of farms owned by a lord lord or in a political force in Europe; Pope ws most powerful person
Black Death: bubonic plague, a diesese that would kill 1/3 of Europeans, would get big black boils on skin, ended medieval era
Greece: divided into more than 100 city states, which acted like counties, Sparta and Athens are well known, Athens was birth place of democracy
Alexander the Great: spread ideas or Greece to middle East, north africa, india, created an empire- collection of lands ruled by a single person.
Rome Republic: a democracy on italian peninsula, elected its leaders, got ideas from Greece, Ended when Julius Caesar took over as a dictator then assassinated
Roman Empire: developed when Caesar Augustus took over, grew too big, corrupt, fell in 476 AD,
Christianity: a religion founded by Jesus, in Palestine during Roman Empire, monotheistic evolved from Judaism Jesus: was executed it spread secretly.
Created by: katiedabomb