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Ch. 8 Test

6th Grade Ancient History

The Mayas made paper from Bark
A Mayan game in which players padded their wrists, elbows, and hips and tried to hit a small rubber ball through a hoop Pok-to-pok
The Priest who tried to convert Mayas to Roman Catholicism and who also tried to translate their writings into Spanish Diego de Landa
The_______ left six-foot stone sculptures of the heads of kings Olmecs
The Mayas used cocoa beans as money
The Mayas developed the mathematical concept of Zero
The area where the ancient Mayas were located is on what is now called the Yucatan Penisula
The Mayan king was known as the great sun lord and the true man
_______________was especially important to the Mayas Jade
The Mayas made a drink from corn paste, water, and honey and called it pozole
True or False Kings lived in palaces True
True or False Nobles constructed monuments False, it was the Peasants
True or False Nobles lived near the center of the city True
True or False Slaves were sometimes used as sacrifices True
True or False Slaves treated the sick False, it was the Priests
True or False Kings spoke to the gods on behalf of the people True
True or False Peasants were criminal or debtors False, it was slaves
True or False The Priests taught writing, astronomy, and mathematics True
True or False Peasants were farmers True
True or False The Nobles were artists and architects True
True or False The Nobles wore headdresses with quetzal plumes False, it was the Kings
True or False The Nobles included educated women True
True or False The priests told fortunes True
What types of clothing or appearance did the Mayas consider beautiful? Sloping foreheads, long noses, crossed eyes, tattoos, pierced ears, and filing their teeth to a point, took frequent baths, wore perfume, carried mirrors to check their appearance.
How is the Mayas standard of beauty different from or similar to today's standard of beauty? Today people still place an importance on external appearance but have different standards of beauty.
Compare and contrast how the Mayas valued Chocolate with the way chocolate is valued today. Cocoa beans were a form of money and only the very rich could afford to make hot chocolate. Today, chocolate is not valued as highly, but it remains a favorite food of many people
Created by: wnewton
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