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Voc. for SOL 3

Civics and Economics

absolute entire, complete
allegiance loyality to a government
assembly gather in a group, usually for a particular purpose
citizen a person who by birth or by choice owes allegiance to a government and its protection
consequence the result of an earlier action
critize to find fault in
diverse various or many different kinds
due process the process that requires government to treat people fairly according to the rules established by law
effective producing the desired result
endorse to express approval or support publicly
establish create
exercise the act or practice of something
interfere hinder, block, obstruct, or stop fron happening
jurisdiction power, authority, control
naturalization a process ov becoming a citizen
official authorized by the government
petition a formal written request addressed to a person in authority
publish the gathering, printing, or broadcasting of news
summon to call to appear before a court
unduly inappropriately
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