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Grimes History Pre-WWI to WWII

New Deal Legislation by President Franklin D. Roosevelt attempting to rescue the U.S. from the Great Depression by stabilizing the market economy.
Dollar Diplomacy A policy aimed at furthering the interests of the U.S. abroad by encouraging U.S. investments in foreign countries.
Fourteen Points A peace program presented at the end of World War I by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in an address before both houses of Congress on January 8, 1918.
Start of WWI (Causes) Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and wife Sophie in Sarajevo. Austria declared war on June 28, 1914.
Sussex Pledge A promise given by the German Government to the U.S. in 1916, to stop indiscriminate sinking of non-military ships.
Central Powers WWI Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey
Allied Powers WWI Great Britain, France, Russian Empire, and later Portugal, Japan, Italy, and the U.S.
Zimmerman Note Secret telegram sent by German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmerman relating in the event of the U.S. entering the war, that Germany should ask Mexico to enter on Germany's side with the promise that they would receive Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.
Convoy A group of motor vehicles, traveling together with a protective escort or for safety or convenience used in WWI.
Liberty Bond Issued by the U.S. government during WWI as a means of financing the war effort in Europe.
Vertical v. Horizontal Consolidation The process of buying out suppliers of that particular industry v. the process of merging similar industries that produce similar products.
Push-Pull Factors Conditions that drive people to leave their homes or attract people to a new area.
Created by: mcgrimes
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