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5th SS Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Review

migration Movement of groups of people from one place to another.
urbanization The movement of people from rural areas to cities, or urban areas.
metropolitan area A city and all the suburbs and other population areas around it.
demographer A geographer who studies human populations.
thematic map A map with a specific theme or topic, such as population, culture, or history.
population density The average number of people living on a square unit of land.
ethnic group A cultural group of people who share beliefs and practices learned from relatives and ancestors.
cultural diversity The mixture of different ethnic groups within the same country.
parallel time line A grouping of time lines that display different types of information for the same period of time.
democracy A governing system in which a country's people elect their leaders and rule by majority
monarchy The system of government in which a king or a queen rules.
oligarchy A system in which a small group that is not elected controls the government.
dictatorship A governing system in which one person rules with absolute authority. Authority in a dictatorship is not inherited as in a monarchy.
empire A conquered land of many people and places governed by one ruler.
colony An area of land ruled by a government in another land.
heraldry The system of colors, patterns, and picture symbols that knights used during the Middle Ages in Europe.
drought A period when little or no rain falls.
cultural borrowing The taking of culture traits from one culture for use in another.
free enterprise An economic system in which people choose what to make, sell, or buy, without government control.
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