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List of all words on the History II Midterm

Grandson of Babur who was benevolent and encouraged religious tolerance Akbar (Mughal Emperor)
Conquered Delhi in battle of Panipat. Set up Mogul dynasty. Babur
Governor of the Plymouth colony William Bradford
Italian captain sailing for England who explored Newfoundland and the North American coast John Cabot
French Philosopher who invented analytic geometry and wrote the "Discourse on Method", which outlined an analytical approach to understanding Rene Descartes
Discovered electricity Benjamin Franklin
Henry IV of France; Founder of the Bourbon dynasty; Issued Edict of Nantes Henry IV of Navarre
Edict giving Huguenots the right to practice their religion Edict of Nantes
Second and most powerful Tudor king who separated England from the Catholic Church Henry VIII of England
Women who believed that not only the clergy could experience God Anne Hutchinson
Founder of the Stuart dynasty who was Anti-Puritan James I of England
English philosopher who drafted the Fundamental Constitution of Connecticut John Locke
English classical poet John Milton
Most powerful king of Spain who ruled Hapsburg Spain and sent Spanish Armada to England Phillip II of Spain
Ottoman Sultan and Caliph who was a heroic fighter and skilled administrator; know as "the great" or "the lawgiver" Suleiman I
The third military leader to complete the unification of Japan Tokugawa Ieyasu
French author who wrote poetry, plays, essays, and books in an entertaining and satirical style; Place in the Bastille twice and exiled from France to England Voltaire
Led Methodism which stressed the value of the personal religious experience John Wesley
System in which each nation keeps peace by allying with one nation if the other gets too powerful Balance of Power
Ship that allowed explorers to travel up shallow inlets and beach the ship to make repairs; "the best ships that sailed the seas" Caravel
Religious ideas going across the Atlantic from Britain to the New World in the mid-eighteenth century Great Awakening
50 acre land grants given to settlers (one for each member of the family) Headrights
Servants bound to master for a term of years in payment for passage to the new world Indentured Servitude
Certificates that lessened or canceled sins Indulgences
A belief that a person is made good by their faith in God's mercy and love Justification by Faith
Elite corps of young boys taken from Balkan Christian families to fight for the Ottomans Janissary
A belief that a nations strength is determined by its wealth (Bullion: Gold) Mercantilism
Artists showing distances between objects as they appear to the eye Perspective
Owners of large tracts of land in North America on which they were granted by royal charter the right to establish colonies Proprietor
The Parliament army fighting against the Cavaliers and Charles I during the English Civil War; they were led by Oliver Cromwell Roundheads
The royal army against Parliament during the English Civil War Cavaliers
Society providing financial support to scientists and publishing scientific books and journals The Royal Society
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