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NC USH Goals 6 + 7

Progressive and Imperialism Review by Matt Ingram

A country's effort to extend it's influence and power by taking colonies, America begins to do this at the end of the 1800s Imperialism
Belief that the US should stay out of foreign affairs as George Washington advised Isolationism
Aggressive nationalism, using the military as a show of force and a willingness to go to war Jingoism
Bought from Russia in 1867, this territory was known as Seward's Folly or icebox Alaska
In his book "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History" he said the US should build up its Navy to meet its imperialistic goals Alfred Mahan
Imperialism is much like this belief that the US should expand across the continent, taking land out west Manifest Destiny
He was the hero of the Spanish-American War, which led him to become president where he carried out imperlialistic desires Teddy Roosevelt
The sinking of this ship in a Cuban harbor was the rally cry of Americans to go to war with the Spanish USS Maine
Type of journalism where exaggerated stories of events excited the readers, credited as a cause of the Spanish-American War Yellow Journalism
Islands in the Pacific the US took over during the Spanish-American War Philippines
The president's power of speaking to the people to get them on his side Bully Pulpit
Teddy Roosevelt is credited for building a canal here Panama
The Roosevelt Corollary said the US would be the only nationa to intervene in Latin America, this was part of Roosevelt's Big ____ policy Big Stick Policy
Government agency that makes sure foods and prescription drugs are safe for consumers FDA
John Hay's Open Door notes said that all countries should have access to this country's trade China
Court case that legalized discrimination of African-Americans across America, setting up the idea of separate but equal Plessy v Ferguson
This amendment gave women the right to vote 19
This muckraker wrote about the abuses of Rockefeller and Standard Oil Ida Tarbell
This book by Upton Sinclair led to the passing of the Meat Inspection Act and the establishment of the FDA The Jungle
This African-American leader stressed the need for blacks to get an education learning a trade Booker T Washington
Journalists of the Progressive Era who exposed the corruption of society Muckrakers
The banning of alcohol, making it illegal to buy, consume, or produce alcohol Prohibition
This civil rights leader pushed for immediate equality for blacks and encouraged them to get a higher education WEB DuBois
He was known as the trustbuster as he battled big businesses and monopolists Teddy Roosevelt
After TR was president, he ran again as a progressive representing this party (named after an animal) Bull Moose
This president was also a progressive but he was a democrat. During his tenure, he enacted many regulations on the economy Woodrow Wilson
This president is credited with passing the Pure Food and Drug Act, particularly after he read The Jungle Teddy Roosevelt
NC City where racist whites committed violence against blacks + forced them out of town Wilmington
Payment in order to vote Poll Tax
Having to be able to read and write in order to vote Literacy Test
Hanging Lynching
Time period when people strive to improve the bad aspects of America Progressive Era
Biggest team sport of the turn of the century Baseball
Amusement park in New York where people start to visit at this time Coney Island
This sales book allowed people in rural areas to buy new + different products that were delivered to their house Mail Order Catalog
A type of show where performers did comedy, juggling, song, dance Vaudeville
Wise use of natural resources, something the Forest Service strives to do with land Conservation
Created by: mingram