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S.S. Ch. 25

Purchasing stocks on credit, or with borrowed money. These stockholders planned to sell the stocks at a higher price, pay back the loan, and keep what remained as profits. This plan only worked if the stock values went up. Buying on Margin
On Tuesday October 29th the stock market crashed. So many people wanted to sell their stocks and so few wanted to buy, so that stock prices collapsed. Black Tuesday
The up and down pattern of more workers being hired and unemployment drops. Business Cycle
The economy did not recover quickly from the downturn that began in 1929. It was called this because of its severity and length. Great Depression
A Hooversville town with more than 17,000 that were WWWI veterans, some with their families. They had come to the capital to demand early payment of a military bonus. after the government denied the payments, most of the veterans returned home. Bonus Army
He lived from 1882-1945. He was the 32nd President of the United States, he led the country through the great depression and WWII. He served four terms, more than any other president. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Roosevelt and Congress worked together to create new programs to battle the Depression and aid economic recovery. The programs were known as this. New Deal
Radio addresses in which he(FDR) spoke directly to the American people. Fireside Chats
She lived from 1882-1962. She was the Secretary of Labor under Franklin Roosevelt. She helped draft New Deal legislation and was the first female Cabinet member Frances Perkins
She lived from 1884-1962. She was an author, diplomat, humanitarian, and first lady to Franklin D. Roosevelt. She supported much New Deal legislaion aimed at young people and minorities. Eleanor Roosevelt
It passes in 1935, provided some financial security for the elderly, disabled, and the unemployed. Social Security Act
A.K.A. CIO. it organized workers into Unions based on industry, not skill level. Congress of Industrial Orginizations
A strategy where workers stayed in the factories so they could not be replaced by new workers. Sit-Down Strike
Massive dust storms swept the region, turning parts of the Great Plains. Dust Bowl
She lived from 1875-1955. An African American educator and leader who rose to national prominence during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, who appointed her Director of Negro Affairs. Mary Mclead Bethune
He lived from 1902-1968. He was a writer who captured the desperation of Americans struggling through the Great Depression, especially those affected by the Dust Bowl. John Steinbeck
He lived from 1912-1967. A folksinger who expressed the desperation felt by millions of Americans during the Great Depression, espically those rural residents hit by the Dust Bowl. Woodie Guthrie
Three reasons for 1920s prosperity were: Friendly government towards business, Installment buying, and Investment in stocks (buying on margin).
When was Hoover elected, when did he take office, and when did he leave office? Elected-1928 Took Office-March 1929 Left Office-October 29th 1929
A.K.A. TVA. it hired people to build dams and generators, bringing electricity and jobs to communities in the Tennessee River Valley. Tennessee Valley Authority
Who was in the 1932 presidental election? Franklin D. Roosevelt with John Garner against Herbert Hoover.
Where was John garner from? Texas
What was FDR's favorite New Deal program? Social Security Act
Who was the President of the CIO? John L. Lewis
when did Inaugration Day used to be and when is it today? Used to be-March 4th Now-Janurary 20th
Alphabet Agencies were also called... Alphabet Soup
Who was Robert Trout? He was a Fireside Chat news reporter.
Who was Father Charles Edward Coughlin? A New Deal critic who was nicknamed the "radio priest."
Who was Huey Long? A New Deal critic who was nicknamed "King Fish."
Which of the following refers to a severe economic downturn that lasted for more than 10 years? a. The Bonus Army, b. The Great Depression, c. The Bull Market, or d. The Business Cycle. B.-The Great Depression
Who was Franklin Roosevelt's Secretary of Labor and the first female Cabinet member? a. Frances Perkins, b. Mary McLeod Bethune, c. Eleanor Roosevelt, or d. Dorthea Lange. A.-Frances Perkins
Parts of the Great Plains where a severe drought struck were known as the... a. Tennessee Valley, b. New Deal, c. Dust Bowl, or d. Hoovervilles. C.-Dust Bowl
Which of the following means purchasing stocks on credit with a loan? a. The Installment Plan, b. Buying on Margin, c. The Banking Crisis, or d. bear Market. B.-Buying on Margin
What is the Emergeny Bamking Relief Act? It gave executive branch the right to regulate banks.
What is the Farm Credit Act-FCA? It refinanced loans to keep farmersfrom losing their land.
What is the Civilian Conservation Corps-CCC? It created jobs for single, unemployed young men.
What is the Agriculture Adjustment Acy-AAA? It paid farmers to grow less 9declared unconstitutional).
What is the Tennessee Valley Authority-TVA? it Built dams and power plants in the Tennessee Valley.
What is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-FDIC? It guaranteed deposits for indiviual bank accounts?
What is the National Industrial Recovery Act-NIRA? It established fair competition laws (declared unconstitutional).
What is the Civil Works Administration-CWA? It provided jobs for the unemployed.
what is the Works Progress Administration-WPA? It created jobs in construction, research, and the arts.
What is the National Youth Administration-NYA? It provided part-time jobs for students.
What is the National Labor relations Act-NLRA and The Wagner Act? It recognized unions' right to bargain collectively.
What is the Social Security Act? It provided Government aid to the retired and unemployed.
How many people were employed by the WPA? 8.5 million
What was Roosevelt's campaign theme song? "Happy Days Are Here Again"
Woody Guthrie's lively, up beat songs offered an escape from the struggles of the Great Depression. True/False FALSE
Was an African American educator that was appointed to Roosevelt's administration. Mary McLeod Bethune
Which was a lasting effect of the New Deal. The FDIC-Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
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